Building a Powerseller Reputation

The absolute most critical element to the eBay selling experience is building your eBay power seller reputation. The basic component of the reputation system on eBay is user feedback. For every eBay transaction, including auctions and “Buy it now” transactions, both parties involved in the deal will have an opportunity to assign a positive, neutral, or negative score to their transaction, as well as provide textual comments. Here’s how eBay describes the feedback system on their website:

“Every eBay user has a feedback score based on ratings from other members. Feedback lets you reward eBay users and inform the community about your experiences with others. Typically, members give a positive rating if they are happy with a transaction and a negative when basic obligations have not been met. Keep in mind that what you say about other members becomes a permanent part of their eBay reputation."

In order to be successful in any capacity on eBay, whether you are buying or selling, it will be necessary to develop a positive powerseller reputation within the eBay community by embodying sound business practices and good customer relations. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

• Keep clear and open channels of communication with your customers. Make sure you answer questions from potential bidders in a timely manner and be particularly mindful to field any inquiries from auction winners. Being quick to respond to perceived problems can mean the difference between a positive and a negative feedback which can and will be a direct influence on potential buyers out there.

• Participate in as many transactions as possible. Besides your feedback ratio, potential buyers will also give some scrutiny to the sheer volume of business you do. If given the choice of doing business with two individual sellers, and one of those sellers has a tried and true reputation with thousands of transactions, the buyer is most likely going to go with the seller that has the most experience. That seller should be you.

• Be open and honest. Being the most communicative power seller on eBay is no good if you are being misled or dishonest with your customers. It is imperative that you take every step possible to ensure that you’re being as honest as you can be with your clientele. If you are selling an item that may have perceivable flaws, it is a good idea to make sure that that is clear in the item summary.

Be sure to be upfront regarding your shipping costs and any other fees that may be incurred above and beyond the winning bid on the item. Never participate in questionable, sneaky practices such as profiting from shipping costs by adding the final shipping and handling price. While trickery like that may make you a little extra in the short term, you will end up paying for it in negative feedback and/or bad word-of-mouth from dissatisfied customers.

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