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All about Facebook Ads Part 2

You’ve entered the information for your ad and you’ve made sure your head and body are excellent quality. Now it’s time to move on and get the ad finished so you can start making money now!


Enter the kinds of interests you think your target market would have. These will be used to connect individuals with plenty of fans based on their interests, whatever they might be. For instance, if you’re selling a book, you probably want to add the word “reading,” because individuals who love to read will be more likely to like your page and then purchase your book. This will help target those who are already interested in your products or services, so it’s more likely that they’re going to like your page and end up converting to a customer in the long run.

Connections on Facebook

Now you’ll enter the individuals you want to see the ad. Choosing folks who are already fans of your page is kind of silly in the beginning because your whole goal is to get fans. Therefore, choose the people who you want to see the ad.

Paying for the Ads

Finally, you’ll select how much money you want to pay each day for your Facebook ads. While you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, remember that you do get what you paid for. You can choose something as small as $.50 or something much larger if you choose.

Once you’ve created the ad that you want to display, you can choose a picture to be a part of the ad if you choose. Sometimes, this helps individuals better identify with the person behind your computer screen. Also, the more attractive the photograph is on the ad, the more likely you are to get individuals who really like it.

The Result

Now, individuals who are most interested in the types of products and services that you sell will see the ad for your page and will hopefully click the like button to like the page. Also, you spend what you want and don’t have to create a huge marketing budget to quickly gather fans and followers.

Overall, Facebook advertisements are a wonderful way to increase the number of likes you have on your page and to hopefully increase the number of customers you have as well. The main thing is not to be intimidated by the ads since they’re a lot easier to create than they seem. Fortunately, they’re also very effective.

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