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Lesson 1: Alaska Cruises

So you are thinking about taking an Alaskan Cruise? Well, first you need to know that if you take the most popular Alaskan Cruise (the Inside Passage) cruise you will be visiting a very small part of the huge state of Alaska. Alaska cruises are typically divided into two main cruise destinations.

Inside Passage Cruise

This is the most popular and well known of the cruise destinations in Alaska. You may even have had family members or friends that have gone on this cruise and raved to you about it.

The Inside Passage is the long-established way to cruise in Alaska, with most of the cruise ships going round-trip leaving from Seattle or Vancouver and traveling as far north as Juneau (the Alaska state capital) or Skagway.

This particular cruise is filled with so much of what tourists find irresistible about Alaska: huge towering glaciers, whales and lots of other wildlife, spectacular mountains, beautiful waterways, and more.

Gulf of Alaska Cruise

Another very popular cruise in Alaska is the Gulf of Alaska cruise. This cruise is a much longer cruise than the Inside Passage cruise.

A Gulf of Alaska cruise will usually allow you to visit almost all of the ports you would visit on an Inside Passage cruise. However, a Gulf of Alaska cruise does not do a round trip in South East Alaska, instead, they continue north traveling up to either Whittier or Seward.

When you choose a Gulf of Alaska cruise you will either cruise southbound which means you will start your trip by flying up to Anchorage (Alaska's largest city). Or you will cruise northbound, usually from Vancouver and then fly home on your return from Alaska.

Gulf of Alaska cruise passengers will almost always spend more money due to the high cost of flying in and out of Anchorage. But the passengers that do this cruise usually find it worth it because they see so much more of Alaska.

They also get extra time to spend in Anchorage and the surrounding area. Many travelers choose to take the Alaska Railroad up to Denali National Park and see Mount McKinley or Denali (the Great One), the highest peak in the United States standing at 20,320 fees about sea level. The beauty of the park is magnificent, not to mention the wonderful train ride that gets you there as it allows you to travel through rugged scenic Alaska in style.

So whether you decide on the Inside Passage cruise or the Gulf of Alaska cruise you will be deeply impressed by the beauty and grandeur of the great state of Alaska.

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