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Lesson 1: Affordable Gift Baskets For All Occasions

Are you unsure what to buy for someone who has "everything"? Do you want to impress a business associate or that special someone? Gift baskets are the perfect way to make a great impression without breaking your budget.

Gift Baskets Look Impressive

Gift baskets look good without wrapping or arranging them. Simply order gift baskets decorated to suit the occasion. Graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, bridal showers, births, promotions and more are celebrated with customized gift baskets. Add rainbow colored cellophane with a box and personalized tags for a memorable gift that stands out from the rest.

Gift Baskets Are Filled With Joy

Thoughtful gift baskets are like sending a bundle of joy. Include items you know the recipient will enjoy. Consider fruit, flowers, gourmet goodies, coffee, tea, toiletries, candles, candy and other decadent delights. Everyone enjoys a little indulgence in their gift baskets. For those who are sick or housebound, fill gift baskets with useful items such as tasty treats, slippers, and a soft robe.

Gift Baskets Have Been Around Forever

Since almost the beginning of times, baskets have been used to transport items of importance. Planting and harvesting were done with baskets. In the Bible, Moses and the Apostle Paul were transported in baskets. For the past one hundred years, leading magazines from Popular Mechanics to Glamour recommended gift baskets as a preferred gift. Today gift baskets are a multi-million dollar industry-pleasing people all around the world.

Making Your Own Gift Baskets

You don't have to order gift baskets if you're on a budget or have a special idea. Make your own gift baskets for a truly personal touch. While wicker or straw baskets are a traditional favorite, all types of containers are used as gift baskets. Decorate the gift baskets with paint, ribbon, bows, cards and cellophane. Fill them with goodies of choice. For a baby shower, include essentials such as diapers, wipes, and pajamas for baby and mom. At the holidays, fill baskets with homemade cookies, fudge and knitted scarves. Be creative and everyone will start talking about your gorgeous gift baskets.

Gift Baskets For Your Business

Corporate gift baskets say thank you in many ways. When you close a big deal, express gratitude to the important people with gift baskets. Reward hard-working employees with baskets filled with treats and a gift card. Thank top clients at special times of the year with attractive gift baskets. Promote your business by giving gift baskets to local charities.

Who Likes Gift Baskets?

Everyone likes to have a special surprise delivered right to their home or office. Fruit and teas are a good choice typically appreciated by everyone. Sports enthusiasts like golf balls or tennis balls and related accessories. Many ladies love lotions, soaps and bath essentials. Children spend hours playing with baskets filled with candy and toys.

Hand delivers gift baskets you made yourself or have fancy gift baskets delivered when you can't be there. Either way, gift baskets make the perfect gift for people of all backgrounds at a price you can afford.

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