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Then you have the more straightforward affiliate platforms. These are tools that simply allow you to take a product and sell it from a landing page while inviting as many other marketers as you like to join in and help you make sales for a cut of the profits. This is affiliate marketing, not CPA marketing but the two are functionally similar in that you will be paying out only for successful transactions. Note that in some cases your link and product won't actually be placed on your own site but rather in the storefront of the network. Nonetheless, it is still a way to pay only for sales if that is your objective. When it comes to affiliate platforms there are three big options to choose from…

The Three Big Affiliate Platforms
The three big affiliate platforms are ClickBank, JVZoo, and WSO Pro.

So what's the difference between them? One notable difference right away is that WSO Pro is actually part of a forum – the Warrior Forum that we discussed already. WSO stands for 'Warrior Special Offers' and essentially it allows you to sell to members of that forum and to let other members of that forum promote your product too. This gives you a very large number of potential customers and potential affiliates to sell to, all of whom have an interest in earning money online. If you are selling something that is in this niche, such as an ebook or course on web design or digital marketing for instance, then you will find this is a very good place to sell.

WSO Pro will also work especially well for those people that are already active members of the Warrior Forum community. If you have built a reputation there as someone who is knowledgeable and helpful, then this will help you to gain extra sales as people won't feel as though they're buying from a stranger. JVZoo and ClickBank meanwhile work independently of other sites or services. This is a good thing in that it means you have a larger audience to pick from but it also means a less direct route to market. Of the three ClickBank was one of the first big affiliate networks and is very well known as a result.

However, it has also dropped the ball somewhat and hasn't really updated itself as much as it should have. In many ways, the interface and options are dated and slow going and it's a lot more difficult to set-up. On the other hand, JVZoo is very easy to get started with and to integrate with an autoresponder. For those unfamiliar with the term, an autoresponder is a tool for sending out e-mails that are used by email marketers. This then means that you will give your affiliates the ability to sell your product/refer leads via e-mail which can result in a large volume of traffic for your site.

JVZoo also makes it very easy to set up sales funnels and to create other things that make life easier for your marketers. And what makes life easier for your marketers is likely to ultimately drive more sales to your products and items. One of the biggest considerations here though is the price. Here, WSO Pro is the most affordable option, followed by JVZoo and then Clickbank.

Of the three, JVZoo is the best all-rounder but if you're already a member of Warrior Forum and you're selling a product that's in the 'make money online' niche, you will be well suited to WSO Pro. That said, all of these platforms do somewhat prefer products that are in the digital marketing niche/industry.

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