Article Marketing Simplified

Affiliate Article Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by using articles to promote affiliate products. Promoting affiliate products is really nice because:

1.There is no customer service!
2.No product delivery!
3.No website building!
4.No HTML or code to worry with!
5.You just collect your commission checks!

The problem is that most people who get into affiliate marketing do not have a clue what's going on. They do not know how to promote and advertise the affiliate product or services they're selling. By using Article Marketing to promote affiliate products, you can sell products without much effort and make money.

The keys to being successful with affiliate article marketing is:

1.Find a mostly untapped niche market.
2.Research a low competition keyword phrase to target.
3.Find a product that 'fits' your targeted keywords.
4.Write an article or series of articles based on your targeted keywords.
5.Submit your article to popular article directories and let it get picked up by the major search engines.
6.Collect your commissions!

One of your main goals in Affiliate Article Marketing is to get your articles onto the first page of Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The easiest way to accomplish this is by writing keyword rich articles for niches and keywords that aren’t overpopulated. A placement on Google’s first page will assure that your article will be one of the first seen whenever someone searches for the keyword or niche your article is targeting.

Affiliate Article Marketing makes it easy for the marketer because you don’t need a website. Since the idea behind it is that you write articles with affiliate links either embedded in the article, or in your signature, you’re sending them directly to the sales page for the product you’re promoting.

Without a website, you will significantly cut the cost of doing business because you won’t be paying for site maintenance. Other cost reductions such as, maintaining and providing product and by using effective, lower cost, advertising you will be keeping more profits from your efforts.

But, some articles sites like don’t allow you to use or promote affiliate links, so where do you send the visitors if you don’t have a website. That’s easy you send them to a blog. Why a blog? It’s easy to set up, there are no hosting fees when using a service like WordPress or Blogger, there are no design costs and it takes less than 30 minutes. Plus, you can post all your articles using all the affiliate URL’s you want.

You can update your blog as often as you like with new posts, or even add static pages in a snap, and search engines’ spiders are attracted to the blogs because new bits of information are added to it every day or two. Since search engines love blogs it’s a super simple and easy to get some extra traffic and earn extra commissions.

Some people opt to create a blog for each set of niche related articles and products that they promote, from which you can provide reviews and other information.

The only cost to you is the time spent adding your articles and affiliate links.

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