Delving Into Breath Modulation

About Breath Modulation

Among the main keys to successful stress management is your breathing. Breathing is such a primary function for our survival that we always take its power for granted and overlook this astonishing tool with which we may regulate and stimulate our own healthiness.
Your automatic nervous system is responsible for your breathing process, which is why you don't need to think of it – you'll breathe anyhow! By understanding the really direct relationship between your breath and your brain and nervous system, you have a valuable tool that may help you accomplish and maintain a more balanced, positive, stress-free inner and outer life.

After all, if you're feeling calm and centered, then your power to solve troubles, think more creatively and cope with outer world is heightened.

Breathing and relaxation are potent tools in the daily challenge of coping and overcoming stress. Notice how your breath is quick, short and shallow when you're angry, fearful or simply under daily stress, and how you naturally take deeper, slower and longer breaths when you're in a peaceful and unstrained state.

The chest expands as we breathe deeply, helping the release of inner tensions as we breathe out. By changing breathing patterns and consciously breathing deeply into the abdomen, you are able to create a calm relaxed state from a fraught one. Deep breathing calms both the body and brain by slowing down pulse and easing the nervous system.

The fact is the act of breathing isn't necessarily the same as the art of breathing. Many individuals rush around, shallow breathing their way through life and wondering why they forever feel stressed, poorly and short-winded.

By learning to let go of stressful symptoms, feelings and thoughts, by doing some deep breathing and utilizing your exhalations as channels of release, you are able to do your body/mind some true short and long term good. Take a deep breath, inhaling through nose and, when you breathe out, imagine you’re blowing out a candle, exhaling firmly through the mouth. Using breath modulation when you breathe along with an audio cue can help as well.

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