Step-By-Step Guide To Offline Riches


Offline marketing is a big opportunity for you to put cash in your pocket month after month. Thousands of small-business owners need your help right now.

Lawyers, dentists, insurance agents, real estate agents, service businesses—they all need more leads, and they need them NOW!

Most local business owners know how to do one thing, and that's to run their business by greeting customers, making appointments, and making sales. But when it comes to advertising or online marketing, most of them don't have a clue how to generate new leads.

That's where you come in. And guess what? You don't have to be a guru. All you need to do is to be one step ahead, and this special report is designed to be your golden offline marketing roadmap.

Who This Guide Is For

The Offline Marketing Roadmap is a beginner’s guide that shows you how to find clients in your local area and even in the country where you live.

Then you'll discover what to do after you find a client who is interested in your services, how to set up your fee structures, what to put in the presentation, the documents you’ll need to create, and how to close the sale.

NOTE: The secret to getting sales through this offline marketing business model is to convey to a local business owner that you want to help them become more successful. Do not play the role of a salesman.

You are not selling anything during the initial contact phase.

Let me repeat that in another way for you: inform but don't sell. This report will show you how it is done. It's simple to have them begging you to help them when you understand the concept.

Offline marketing provides an excellent income for you with very little work but the rewards are huge when you consider how the information that you possess can give people an online resource that can generate more sales than they ever thought imaginable.

Who Benefits from Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing to local businesses is a revenue source that will never dry up. It benefits both you and the local business owner.

As new technologies emerge every month of every year, business owners everywhere are frantic because they're wondering if they'll be able to keep the doors to their business open. The tried-and-true advertising methods of the past are not working anymore.

That's where you come in. In a very simple yet detailed manner, you will show them how to get their business online, ranked high in the search engines, how to optimize their site, and how to drive more traffic to their business.

How Much Is One New Customer Worth?

Online marketing is great for converting highly qualified buyers into customers.

However, offline marketing is just as important as online marketing. In fact, both business models complement each other. Conversion rates are high for bringing in one new customer a week or five new customers a month, compared to the amount of money they will pay for your services.

For example, if you approach local real estate agents and they sign up for your services on a monthly basis, how much money do you think one home or condo sale would bring that agent?

In other words, how much would one new customer a week mean to that local business owner? What would be their profit? How much would they make if 20, 50, or 100 new customers walked through their doors next month?

As you can see, when you bring the information to local business owners, they will easily understand how they can increase their profit margins through the services you provide.

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