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It doesn't take much intelligence to understand that 4Life is a play on "For Life" but what is important to learn is why the product is named so. The reason is that this is an immunity-building product. When your body is immune, you are better protected from diseases. Babies get their immunity from breast milk and that is the reason they are internally fortified. However, as we grow, this immunity tends to reduce. 4Life is a product that brings back this immunity in the body by introducing something that is known as the T-factor. The product is not yet FDA approved, but as it is being sold through the multilevel marketing framework, it is making a healthy number of sales, even catapulting it to the ranks of few of the topmost MLM businesses in the world today.

The company was launched in 1998 in Orem, Utah by David Lisonbee. Today, the company has spread over to more than 40 countries making it a global entity. This is one company that has paid great focus to its expansion in Asian countries. One of its earliest branches was in Japan and its most recent branch – in 2008 – was set up in India. Most of the success of 4Life comes from its recruitment of people from various parts of the world, including the largely untapped Asian markets for their MLM prospects.

One more fact that adds to the business prospects of the 4Life MLM business is its compensation plan. The compensation plan here is based on direct selling. Distributors will earn in direct proportion to the quantum of sales that they are able to make. Because 4Life is recommended to be used for a long period, it is possible to have continuous direct sales. However, this also means that the distributors will need to spend a lot of time in selling the product rather than spending time on building the network.

The product that the 4Life marketing sells is quite strong and has a good customer base. However, it is not strong as an MLM business, especially if the person is just starting out with multilevel marketing. The concept requires people to go out and pitch their marketing concepts, which might also include door-to door selling and cold calling people. Thus, it is not exactly a work-at-home business. But for people who are looking for an opportunity to make some money selling a product that sells easily, 4Life can merit some consideration.  Join the course to discover more......

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