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    In the world of belief, there are no right answers. Everything you experience is subject to your perspective, background, and personal history.

    The mind generalizes and that's a helpful thing. Otherwise, you'd have to re-learn how to use a toilet every time you needed it, but only after re-learning where the bathroom was and what it was for.
  3. The world is made of beliefs. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and feel is created from or interpreted by beliefs. Some of them are unique to you, but the majority originate from your environment.
  4. Chapter 8: Self-esteem

    All people experience pride with themselves in reaching their personal or career goals.
  5. Chapter 7: Life Lessons

    Choosing a successful career path is important to everyone. You may be one of those who have spent most of your time planning and pursuing a career.
  6. Chapter 6: Offline Courses

    Enhance your career skills by earning certificates from offline courses. While taking offline courses, you will also need to devote your time to strengthening your career skills.
  7. Chapter 5: Online Courses

    Strengthening your skills is important because a lot of people are competing for a vacancy.
  8. Chapter 4: Get Mentoring

    While beefing up your career skills, mentoring is proven to be essential for your career success. There are several mentors to utilize that range from CEOs to CMOs to college professionals.
  9. Chapter 3: Assessment Tests for Your Given Career

    Assessment tests help in determining the best career option for a person based on the personality, aptitude, interest, skills and other factors.
  10. Chapter 2: Where Do You Need Improvement?

    Most people are holding jobs with various employers. They are also moving to various employment sectors throughout their working life.
  11. Making and Protecting Your Money

    The average millionaire or comfortably wealthy person works for himself or owns a business. This is a law that is hard to follow.