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  1. The Compelling Story Technique

    Any successful copy is going to tell a story. Just how well that story is told makes all the difference in whether or not a prospect turns into a customer.
  2. How to Write a Compelling Headline that Qualifies Your Prospects

    No matter how well crafted the body of your content, a headline that grabs attention will always make a difference.
  3. The Five Ps of Web Copywriting

    When settling into draft original copy for a web project, it is important to keep the five Ps of Web Copyrighting in mind.
  4. Final Action Plan For Success

    This is what you should be doing every week. If you want to succeed, if you want to be the bum marketer you deserve to be, the kind of person I’ve been talking about all along…
  5. Insider Secrets To Bum Marketing Success

    If you follow every bit of advice offered in this guide so far you will become a successful bum marketer.
  6. How To Conduct The BEST, FREE Keyword Research

    Keyword research is fun. I love it. I can spend hours researching keywords, which is a mistake as it takes away from writing articles.
  7. Product Selection – Separate Winners From Losers

    The next secret to bum marketing is one you will understand very easily once you start reading about it. Ready? Good.
  8. The Secrets of Bum Marketing Article Magic

    By now you should know the only way to succeed as a bum marketer is to learn how to write great articles. Think about it. There are literally millions of articles already in syndication on the Web.
  9. With Affiliate Article Marketing, quantity is better than quality. It’s about writing lots of articles that are of decent quality rather than a few articles of a high quality.