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  1. Chapter IV: The 7 Steps to GOOGLE+ Marketing Success

    Here are the 7 vital steps you will need to follow in order to get the most out of Google Plus for your business over the web:
  2. A Google+ page is a new online home for your business on Google. It provides your business with a public identity on Google+, and it’s where you connect with customers, develop your brand, and engage your following.
  3. As stated before, Google+ is an amazing social layer that can significantly increase traffic, attract highly relevant customers and several ambient to communicate all at the same time.
  4. Chapter VI: How to make tons of money with Google Hangouts as an Online Marketer

    Make tons of money by providing Live or Recorded Video Coaching Video training is one of the things you can do in order to make money with Google Hangouts. Training can be about any topic that you are good at or deeply understand. Offer your knowledge, and those who need help will come to you. […]
  5. Chapter V: The 10 don’ts you have to avoid

    Marketers and businesses use Hangouts to communicate with employees and customers. To build a better relationship with your customers, you need to avoid the following mistakes:
  6. Chapter IV: The 10 do’s you have to apply

    To engage your audience with your business and interact face to face with your customers, you can include hangout in your online marketing strategies and take advantage of it.
  7. Chapter III: How your business can get the most out of Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts has an awesome set of marketing tools that almost no other platform may offer you. What we are going to show you in videos 4 through 10 is:
  8. Chapter II: Why you should definitely use Google Hangouts for your Business today

    Both businesses and marketers focus on online marketing strategies to increase their presence on the internet.
  9. Hangout is a great feature of Google+ to send and get messages, or video conference with the persons you have in your circles and with whatever devices you have because Google Hangout conversations are automatically synchronized.
  10. Facebook Remarketing Dos and Don’ts

    Don’t forget to refine your target audience: Never hesitate in refining your target audience. If, after finding your target customers through their behavior, your aim doesn’t get accomplished.........
  11. Highly Effective Facebook Remarketing Tips

    You have to know who you want to remarket to, it’s a basic step to create the solid foundation of your remarketing campaign. Don’t target everyone who visited your website with the same Retargeting ads.