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  1. Chapter 6: What to look out for While Training

    There is a delicate process that is involved with training your pet.
  2. Chapter 5: Training Hamsters, Gerbils and Rats

    These small creatures are fairly easy to train if the owner is committed to doing so in the proper manner.
  3. Chapter 4: Rabbit Training

    Although rabbits are considered highly intelligent animals, they can be a rather stubborn lot and will only respond to commands on their own terms, somewhat similar to feline behavior.
  4. Chapter 3: Guinea Pig Training

    Everyone knows that you can train a dog or a cat. Are you aware of the fact that you can train a guinea pig as well?
  5. Chapter 2: What Equipment is needed?

    Depending on the type of training to be embarked upon, the equipment needed will usually be quite aligned with the specific needs required.
  6. Owning a small mammal as a pet can come with its own set of benefits but it can also come with its own set of difficulties and headaches.
  7. Chapter 8: The Issues With Not Training Your Cat

    The consequences of not training a cat can be very damaging both to the cat and to the owner. Without some level of control, a cat is not able to understand and control its habits, which in turn will cause problems that are often irreparable.
  8. Chapter 7: Litter Box Training

    Litter box training does not have to be a stressful and tedious affair. With the proper motivation the cat will more than willingly use it as their designated toilet.
  9. Chapter 6: Training For Biting And Scratching

    A cat’s normal reaction to anything that is causing it discomfort is to bite or scratch.
  10. Chapter 5: Keeping Kitty Safe

    There are a lot of measures that can be taken to keep a kitty safe. Most of these measures are very easy to enforce, while others may take a little time and thought.
  11. Chapter 4: Learning About Resources And How To Use Them

    Basically, learning to outsmart the cat is the way to go about when it comes to using the resources available.
  12. Chapter 3: Know How To Administer Discipline Correctly

    Understanding the basic concept, that it may be rather hard to administer discipline on a cat, is very important.