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  1. Chapter 3: Your Goals Have To Match Your Values

    To succeed and be happy with your life, you need to match your goals to what you value the most in your life.
  2. Chapter 2: You have To Believe In Your Goal

    I have heard many stories about people who failed because they themselves did not believe in their goals. Human as we are, we are capable of achieving great things.
  3. We are aware that the best way to attain success in whatever plans we have is to have clear and achievable goals. But the problem is, how do we set goals in a proper and effective way?
  4. Chapter 10: The Benefits Of Motivation For Time Management

    We are well aware that time management skill is relatively important in achieving our goals in life. It allows us to set our priorities and work on it in hierarchy.
  5. Chapter 9: When you Feel Like Giving Up

    In life there are times when we feel that we are not doing things right. And despite our intensified effort, still everything seems to be so vague, cluttered and depressed.
  6. Chapter 8: PC Tools For Motivation

    In my previous articles, I discuss how we are going to manage our time effectively. A lot of tips were given and all of which are equally useful.
  7. Chapter 7: Mind Tools For Motivation

    Normally we find it hard to motivate ourselves when we are down, depressed and in deep trouble. But would you agree with me if I say that it is actually in these situations that you should stay motivated no matter how heavy and difficult the situation is?
  8. Chapter 6: . Get Motivated To Prioritize

    Being able to know how to prioritize things properly is a skill that can help you attain your goals smoothly and effectively.
  9. Chapter 5: Get Motivated To Set The Best Goals

    As said, life is a journey. The only way to know where you are heading and how you will get there is to set practical goals.
  10. Chapter 4: Get Motivated To Make And Keep A Schedule

    It is common to us to make a plan to stay guided and to avoid missing a single task. We understand the importance of planning and proper scheduling which is why we are applying it in our daily lives.
  11. Chapter 3: Get Motivated To Not Procrastinate

    Procrastination is the strongest enemy of people that strives to be productive. It affects the harmony of schedule because it delays the things that are supposed to be done in certain timing.