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  1. Chapter 9: The Value of Traffic

    There might be numerous ways provided for on the web as regards increasing traffic toward your website but none of the ways – save for one or two –
  2. Chapter 8: PPC or Content: Which Brings the Most Profit

    There are two types of creating traffic for generating income for internet-based businesses – pay per click (PPC) and content.
  3. Chapter 7: Assessment Parameters for a Working Generator

    In order to assess our traffic campaign properly certain signals would have to be present to be looked at and analyzed to gauge each campaign’s efforts objectively.
  4. Chapter 6: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Traffic Generation for You

    There are a variety of methods to generate traffic to your website these days and it's not hard to become confused and even frustrated when searching for the right one.
  5. Chapter 5: The Characteristics of Good and Stable Traffic

    Producing website traffic is one part of the business success. If there is no continuous flow of visitors, you may not be able to sell successfully.
  6. Chapter 4: Winning Strategies for Traffic Generation

    As discussed in the previous chapter, due to the multitude of available traffic sources online, people tend to stick to just a few traffic generation methods while neglecting others that do not interest them or prove too cumbersome.
  7. Chapter 3: Traffic Generation and Personality Type

    There are an infinite number of ways to generate traffic-quality or just general traffic (Perhaps because you need to have a high Alexa ratings and any traffic whether it converts or not is beneficial).
  8. This “course” was put together to help you get maximum benefits from your online marketing activities is composed of ten chapters.
  9. Chapter 2: What is Traffic Generation?

    So you've managed to put together a beautiful and compelling landing page or website now what? Where are you going to get the visitors from?
  10. Chapter 5: How to Get Traffic from Video Marketing

    The final piece of the puzzle and the last source of traffic is going to be video marketing. This is another very powerful option when it comes to driving traffic and as with the other methods we’ve gone over it has some specific advantages that make it uniquely useful.
  11. Chapter 4: How to Get Traffic from Forums

    Forums are a fantastic source of traffic that are severely undervalued by many internet marketers. With the explosion of social media, forums have somewhat fallen out of favour but it’s a mistake to write them off as they still offer some powerful advantages.
  12. Chapter 3: How to Get Traffic from Search Engines

    If social media marketing is one of the pillars of online business, another is most certainly SEO. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and is the process of creating a website and its content in such a way that Google will rate it highly and bring it up high in the search results for a large number of different searches.