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  1. Chapter 9: Instagram Advertising

    Hey there everyone! Ready for more awesome Instagram marketing material? Well we surely hope that you’re ready, because we’re about to educate you on one of Instagram’s most fascinating features!
  2. Chapter 8: Instagram Stories

    Awesome, let’s continue with our training. This chapter is a logical continuation of the previous lesson, where we showed you how to post and share on Instagram with your brand new business account, because this time around we are going to show you how to create a more customizable type of Instagram post.
  3. Chapter 7: Posting and Sharing

    Hello there friends! Let’s take a look at how you can use Instagram to post and share your awesome marketing content.
  4. Chapter 6: Your Instagram business settings

    Hey there everyone, and welcome to the second chapter of section 2 of our Instagram Marketing 3.0 training.
  5. Chapter 5: Set up Instagram for business

    Ok, so to properly market and promote your business as well as your offers on Instagram you will need to operate as a Business profile by switching from a personal Instagram account to a business Instagram account.
  6. Chapter 4: Instagram Walkthrough

    Hey there dear friends! So far it’sbeen an educational roller coaster, as we are sure that there was a lot of stuff that you didn’t know about Instagram up until this point.
  7. Chapter 3: Shocking Instagram Marketing Facts to Consider

    As popular as Instagram is as a platform, both for personal use and for doing business, there is still a lot of stuff that is under mostmarketers’ radar.
  8. Chapter 2: What Instagram can do for your Business?

    So now you know what Instagram is all about, and right after you learned some stuff you probably didn’t know about the platform, now it’s time to start talking business.
  9. Its humble beginnings can be traced back to 2010, when it was launched as a free photo sharing app for iOS devices, followed by Android versions as well as a feature-limited desktop interface two years later.
  10. It can be difficult to prove which drug is causing the hair loss, or even that a drug is to blame. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking one drug at a time and see whether your hair stops falling out..
  11. A three- to four-mm linear strip of donor hair is removed from the side or back of the head and instead of dividing the strip into follicular unit grafts, the entire strip or large parts of it are transplanted.