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  1. Chapter 6: Why It Is Crucial To Be A Great Team Leader

    A team leader directs a whole team to their goals. It is even more crucial to have a great team leader in network marketing as uplines not only lead, they help downlines in achieving their goals together.
  2. Chapter 5: Learn To Empower Others

    To empower, is to give power or authority to. Not all network marketing uplines have the ability to empower others.
  3. Chapter 4: Beef Up Your Communication Skills

    A leader or upline in network marketing needs good communication skills to reach out to downlines.
  4. Chapter 3: Lead By Example- You Must Be A Success

    Leaders lead. Leaders set examples for others to follow. Leaders or uplines in network marketing guide downlines to achieve goals with success- as a team. What are the traits that make a successful leader?
  5. Chapter 2: Truly Understand What It Means To Be A Leader

    A leader is someone who leads. In network marketing, a leader or upline plays an important role in direct downlines or people under your guidance into their marketing paths.
  6. Chapter 10: The Benefits Of Goal Setting For Time Management

    In any situation regardless if the plan is made for personal or professional use, time management is considered as the most essential element to attain success.
  7. Chapter 9: When Your Goals Fail

    Failure is inevitable in whatever aspect of life. However, the good thing about it is that it can make us stronger and better the next time around.
  8. Chapter 8: PC Tools For Goal Setting

    When we have goals that we really want to achieve, staying on track with it anytime of the day would be a great help to monitor and control our tasks.
  9. Chapter 7: Check Your Progress Regularly

    Talking about goal setting, we normally follow certain sets of objectives with corresponding actions and timelines to be able to attain success. And for that reason it is very important that we keep track of our progress.
  10. Chapter 6: Write Out Your Goals For Time Management

    We are taught to write out our goals so that we can plan appropriately and at the same we can be reminded constantly of what we want to achieve in our lives.