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  1. Chapter 9: Promoting A Basic Page Post The Right Way

    Ok, everyone, let’s move onto the next step in your Facebook ads journey, creating an actual ad. The first type of ad that we are going to teach you to create is the simplest form of ad that you will be able to set up on Facebook.
  2. Chapter 8: Creating A Facebook Page To Run Ads

    Facebook pages are one of Facebook’s best offerings for business. They are a versatile way for businesses to both maintain a presence on the platform from where to interact with people and as well as for advertising.
  3. Chapter 7: Facebook Ads Manager Walkthrough

    Hey there my friends! Let’s continue right where we left on our last chapter, because this time around we are going to give you a walk through a different part of Facebook, and it all starts right from your Facebook account.
  4. Chapter 6: Facebook Walkthrough

    We are pretty sure that you already have a Facebook account and that you know how to use it for basic social networking, but in order to teach you all about the Facebook Ads platform, we also need to give you a complete overview of what you will find inside a Facebook account.
  5. Chapter 5: Shocking Ad Facts To Consider

    Tune in to the following section, where we are going to teach you all the basics about getting started with Facebook Ads!
  6. Chapter 4: How can your business benefit from Facebook ads?

    It is no longer a secret that Facebook is by far the social media platform of choice for online marketers for reasons that are not obvious up until you start using it to promote your business.
  7. Chapter 3: What Is Retargeting And What Makes Facebook The Top Retargeting Platform?

    Hey there everyone! Let's take this training one step further right now. Let's talk about an advertising strategy so awesome and advanced that only a handful of marketers get it right.
  8. So far you knew Facebook as that social media website that everybody is using nowadays, up until we showed you that there’s a lot more than meets the eye in our previous chapter, and it is about time to go a bit deeper.
  9. So let's get started by answering this question: What is Facebook actually all about? Well, Facebook is a social media network designed with straightforward social interaction in mind.
  10. There are just a few things I want to go over as far as email formatting only because they will directly affect the readability and/or deliverability of your newsletter. That’s really all that matters. Everything else is just glitz.
  11. This is an area that I have yet to see covered in any book on email marketing. Know why? Because nobody REALLY knows how to handle it.