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  1. Chapter 8: Launch Your Final Product

    Being able to successfully launch a product does not necessarily means having a lot of fanfare or a big budget.
  2. Chapter 7: Supply A Sample And Make It Viral

    After designing and working on the video the end result that is ready for viewing should now be made available to the target audience as efficiently and as quickly as possible.
  3. Chapter 6: Assemble Video

    Assembling a video for enhancement of the business awareness exercise is another effective way of getting the product to the attention of the target audience intended.
  4. Chapter 5: Record Audio

    The process of learning how to record audio is really not very difficult. However one must be equip with the right tool and some knowledge of how it’s done.
  5. Chapter 4: Choose And Learn Your Editing Software

    There are several reasons why there is a need to understand the various aspects of choosing and learning about editing software.
  6. Chapter 3: Visualize Your Complete Product, Write Your Script And Obtain Graphics

    Every business venture has to start with a basic idea and video products are no different. Before a video product is launched there are a lot of connecting issues that should be addressed to ensure the prime target audience is reached and the material used to reach them is suitable and effectively designed.
  7. Chapter 2: Choosing Your Target Market And Subject

    Using the video production style the individual can effectively promote the business endeavor planned. This method though comparatively new to the online internet market it is fast proving its worth in terms of being extremely beneficial in creating the awareness of the product towards its target audience.
  8. Chapter 8: Text vs. Screen Capture

    So the question is when should you use text only? When I say text only I mean PowerPoint slides, text cartoons, text prezis etc.
  9. Chapter 7: The Tools

    Ok, so you have the written part. It's easy to take that and turn it into a video sales letter that will look like cartoons or whiteboard sales videos. You've probably seen a lot of those and many of those convert really well.
  10. Chapter 6: Video Sales Letter Formula – Part 3

    Let's talk about your pitch. At this point we're going to talk about your offer. This is crucial because this is the defining point whether or not they will buy your product or service.