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  1. Chapter 6: Assemble Video

    Assembling a video for enhancement of the business awareness exercise is another effective way of getting the product to the attention of the target audience intended.
  2. Chapter 5: Record Audio

    The process of learning how to record audio is really not very difficult. However one must be equip with the right tool and some knowledge of how it’s done.
  3. Chapter 4: Choose And Learn Your Editing Software

    There are several reasons why there is a need to understand the various aspects of choosing and learning about editing software.
  4. Chapter 3: Visualize Your Complete Product, Write Your Script And Obtain Graphics

    Every business venture has to start with a basic idea and video products are no different.
  5. Chapter 2: Choosing Your Target Market And Subject

    Using the video production style the individual can effectively promote the business endeavor planned.
  6. There are several mediums that can be used to promote an organization, a product or a service and video production is just one of them.
  7. Chapter 7: Outsourcing To A Web Designer

    If budgeting is not a dominant feature in the equation of starting up a business entity or if there are adequate funds allocated for this purpose, than opting to engage the services of a web designer can be quite a wise decision to make.
  8. Chapter 6: Using Plugins

    The website that is able to optimize its content, will easily be able to be well featured and placed top on the search engine rankings and this is an important point for every business website to try and achieve.
  9. Chapter 5: Using Widgets

    Widgets are a very useful and innovative tool to have, when there is a need to incorporate a number of functions into the website or blog for the enhancement for the business experience.
  10. Chapter 4: Using FTP

    For many business owners the exchange of information is a very important factor and when this information is share on line the relevant systems must be in place to adequately cater or facilitate such actions.
  11. Chapter 3: Using CMS

    CMS or otherwise known as content management system is being widely used today in the business world for its obvious contributions in being able to provide the supporting systems that would enable the smooth running of any business endeavor without too much need for the hands on approach all the time.
  12. Chapter 2: Using Word Press

    This powerful management system tool is not only easily available; it is also considerably cost effective and inexpensive to create.