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  1. Why Facebook is Important for Small Businesses Increase Web Presence Increase Brand Image Increase Customer Interaction Lead Generation Gain New Friends Selling Community Page Use Facebook as an Advantage Create a Personal Profile Facebook News Feed Facebook Groups Facebook Pages Notes and Photos Messages Facebook Marketplace
  2. Tips for Making Your Article Submissions Easier

    Now, there are a few different ways in which you can make your article submissions go faster and easier
  3. Easy Article Marketing: Step-by-Step Article Marketing System That Really Produces Profits

    The first thing you will need to do is create an account with FREE article marketing directories.  There are several of these, however, this guide will be placing an emphasis on the three we feel are most beneficial. • www.EzineArticles.com • www.GoArticles.com • www.ArticleFeeder.com Now, each one of these will have a simple registration process […]
  4. Chapter – 15: Pulling it all Together

    Your article marketing campaign started with a website, keywords, and some writing. If you didn’t have a website to promote, you have found one by now so that you can move forward looking toward a future of better profits.  Fortunately, article marketing is one of the few industries that is often not affected in the […]
  5. Chapter – 14: Indexing a Website

    Google has now started a new and improved indexing option that allows those websites who are receiving traffic to be automatically indexed again.
  6. Chapter – 13: Articles and Blog Writing

    Many new internet entrepreneurs are curious about the difference between article writing and blog writing.
  7. Chapter – 12: Is there a Time to Stop Writing Articles?

    There are plenty of people who have built themselves a very nice income using article marketing to promote affiliate websites.
  8. Chapter – 11: You Don’t Want Back Links Alone

    You don’t want to focus your entire article marketing campaign on back links.
  9. Chapter – 10: The Value of the Resource Box

    Your resource box at the end of your article is the link back to your website, and therefore your link to your profits.
  10. Chapter – 9: Free Marketing Articles

    Free marketing articles carry many of the same drawbacks as PLR content. What you can get for free is either unusable or simply doesn’t make much sense.  While some fresh internet entrepreneurs would truly like to grab free marketing articles, the old adage of you get what you pay for is very accurate.   When […]
  11. Chapter – 8: The Downfall of PLR Articles

    Spinning software doesn’t offer the same flair for the complex structure of the English language that we would like to think.
  12. Chapter – 7: Press Releases and Article Marketing

    Press releases are another form of the same concept as article marketing.