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  1. As someone who has run a successful online business for almost a decade, has been training marketers for years, I have a pretty good sense of what it takes to succeed.
  2. By now your site should have a steady, flow of income and a decent search engine ranking. Start going hands off – automate your content and SEO for the site or sell it all together and start fresh with a new site.
  3. Our traffic will come primarily through two avenues: search engine ranking, and referral traffic.

    In some respects, traffic is all that matters. After all, without visitors, you have no one to convert into revenue. On the other hand, traffic in-and-of-itself isn't the answer to anything -
  5. My how times have changed! It used to be that keyword research was 'Ground Zero', the foundation for all Internet marketing. We even used to say – and mean it!
  6. You’ll want 10-15 articles in advance and “drip” them over the course of a month. This way you can work on promoting your site without having to go back and write more.
  7. There’s no way around this fact, so I’ll just say it: in order to succeed, you must have good content.