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    As you can see, the Kindle Fire is an awesome piece of technology.
  3. Unless you’ve been living in an extremely remote part of the world, you’ve probably heard of a Kindle Fire, but you might not know exactly what it is and how it operates.
  4. In this course, you’ll learn how to write a good eBook, add a little “Kindling” and get your business off to a burning success!
  5. Chapter 9: Secrets to control your anger

    Stress often leads to unforeseen anger outbursts, especially when the underlying issues are not addressed.
  6. Chapter 8: Managing stress in relationship

    A good amount of problems with a relationship can be sorted out easily by tacking the key issues that usually bring forth these problems.
  7. Chapter 7: Managing stress at home

    The home environment can usually seem like a battlefield as there are usually individual of various ages under one roof.
  8. Chapter 6: Managing stress at work

    Stress is usually brought on by anxiety and when this particular condition is addressed, it is possible to avoid building up the stress levels within the daily functions of the individual.
  9. Chapter 5: You need a quiet mind to think clearly

    There are some people who turn to the practice of quieting the mind through various different methods of which meditations come out as the most popular.
  10. Chapter 4: Easing your tension to reduce stress

    It is popularly believed that if an individual is not exposed to the stress causing circumstances, then the occurrence of the stress will be very unlikely and therefore not a dominant factor to contend with on a daily basis.
  11. Chapter 3: Your first step in managing stress

    Managing stress adequately would require the need to first be able to identify the main causes of the presence of stress within the confines of the individual’s life.
  12. Chapter 2: Where does stress come from?

    It is perhaps an accepted fact that stress is usually brought on by outside forces.