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  1. Market Research & Facebook Platform

    With Facebook offering the kind of specific information about its users that it does to advertisers, it is easy to focus market research within your target audience, and have results within hours, if not days.
  2. Social Ads

    This feature was brought out in 2007 by Facebook specifically for businesses because it allowed targeting of certain demographic groups within Facebook.
  3. Messages & Facebook Marketplace

    The amount of money you spend depends on the size of your target audience, and the length of your ad run.
  4. Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages

    Having your own groups section on Facebook has a number of advantages. You can have as many members as you like, and if people interested in what you have to say or are excited about your group in any way, your group can grow quickly. Stephen Colbert's group went from zero to one million in […]
  5. Facebook News Feed

    This is one of the most useful things about Facebook for most SMB owners.
  6. Community Pages

    Facebook launched their community pages in April 2010 and created a furor of complaints about how it was not only useless but was actually damaging for small business owners.
  7. Selling

    The first thing that you should realize is that Facebook is a social network site. This means that you cannot actively canvass for sales the way you would elsewhere.
  8. Gain New Friends

    You are creating a certain loyalty in your network by working to take care of their issues so that the next time they want something they will come to you.
  9. Lead Generation

    Facebook has a lot of information about its users, and this information is made available to others depending on the privacy level that the users specify.
  10. Increase Customer Interaction

    Facebook offers you an existing network that you can exploit.
  11. Increase Brand Image

    The aim behind increasing web presence is to not only increase the brand awareness, but also increase brand image.
  12. Increase Web Presence

    This is the most basic reason for you to do anything online, because it increases your web presence.