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  1. Chapter 4: Finding Keywords

    Most people using the internet as a search engine would be likely to type in what they are looking for or any information connected to the item they are interested in.
  2. Chapter 3: How Important Is The Product

    Venturing into the network marketing world is always risky yet exciting and the remunerations are also quite good. Therefore to minimize the risks involved, one should try to do as must research into the intended foray as possible.
  3. Conclusion

    Facebook offers some compelling reasons for companies to use it to maximize their business.
  4. Hackers

    Although Facebook has taken hackers seriously, simply because there are so many users it is a little difficult to check each and every user.
  5. Tone of Voice & Transition Time

    This may sound a little odd, but a number of small businesses are finding it hard to modify their marketing to take advantage of Facebook.
  6. Data Leakage

    This is the biggest and probably the only problem when it comes to companies joining Facebook.
  7. Facebook Negatives

    With all these advantages, it is easy to think that using Facebook does not have any downsides.
  8. Authentication

    This feature is when you use the Facebook login as yours. Many sites give you the option of creating an account with them, which will make your browsing experience that much better.
  9. Social Plug-ins

    If you have visited sites where you have seen a “Thumbs up” button, you know what this is.
  10. Other Ways to Use Facebook

    There are other ways in which companies can use Facebook, and that is by linking their site with Facebook.