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  1. Chapter 5: Article Copywriting Tips

    Copywriting is the art of getting your readers to carry out your most desired action.
  2. Chapter 4: Writing Powerful Article Headlines

    The headline is probably the most important component of your article.
  3. Chapter 3: The Resource Box

    The resource box or author’s bio box is a small box, which you can customize in the settings section of every article submission directory.
  4. Chapter 2: Basics Of Article Marketing

    Article marketing is a simple task. It requires a bit of hard work but if you can automate the process, generating traffic becomes much easier. That being said, let us see how it works.
  5. Additional Ideas

    Here’s just a quick peek at a few more products you could create in one day.
  6. Create A Product A Day: Method Five – Graphics Collections and Mini-Sites

    This is actually two different products, but because they’re closely related let’s treat them as one for the purposes of this report…
  7. Create A Product A Day: Method Four – Software and Website How-To Videos

    For every software product you’re proficient in there are people just now wanting to learn how to use it or get better at it.
  8. Create A Product A Day: Method Three – Offline Business Interviews

    This is one of the least exploited opportunities for creating your own business in a day yet can be one of the most useful and profitable for the time it takes.
  9. Create A Product A Day: Method Two – Teleseminars

    Teleseminars are a great way to create products, especially since each teleseminar can be used as two separate products – the live call itself and the recording & transcript afterwards.
  10. Create A Product A Day: Method One – Creating Reports

    One of the easiest products to create in one day is the List-Building Report.