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  1. Chapter 7: Draw Good Karma By Always Being Grateful

    Breezing through life is a wonderful way to life. Everything comes so easily and the circumstances are always wonderfully bearable.
  2. Chapter 6: Define Who You Look Up To And Them Emulate Them

    Having a mentor of sort is another way of successfully achieving goals that have been set. Usually when a goal is set, it is to achieve a specific idea, item, or feeling, to name a few. Therefore having a real and tangible point to focus on is very encouraging.
  3. Chapter 5: How To Set Goals Correctly

    Everyone should have goals in life, and most people do. However when it comes to planning for these goals, there are many varied tried and trusted methods to choose from.
  4. Chapter 4: How Important Is Goal Setting

    Getting the best out of life often requires a lot of focus and hard work. Without these two elements it can prove to be an uphill task or even impossible.
  5. Chapter 3: Channel Positive Energy Into Your Life

    It is a popular belief both in the scientific and non scientific world that everything is connect to and by energy. There is good energy and there is bad energy, as everything is energy.
  6. Chapter 2: Decide What Areas Of Your Life Need Change

    Making decisions to embark on something new is quite scary. Furthermore if it involves something totally new and foreign the level of fear is further enhanced.
  7. Treasure & Pleasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunts aren't just for kids at birthday parties; adults can certainly enjoy the thrill of the chase just as much!
  8. Dancing the Night Away

    You don’t have to go out dancing to be able to share an intimate moment together.
  9. From the Heart to the Home

    Decorate your partners house or apartment with an “I love you” theme using red and white streamers, helium balloons filled with bows and ribbons, a Valentines Day cake, cookies and other treats.
  10. Advertise Your Love

    This idea isn't for everyone and if your partner is shy, you might just want to skip it!
  11. Special Presentation

    One of the most romantic things you can do for your partner on Valentine's Day doesn't involve expensive jewelry or anything that hurts the pocketbook.