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  1. Link building is a challenging feat in 2014 because, among other things, Google is relentless in its pursuit of un-editorial links.
  2. Chapter 7: Untapped Backlink Sources

    You might be surprised to know that there are dozens of quality, effective backlink sources which for some strange reason remain completely untapped.
  3. Chapter 6: Creative Link Building Techniques

    You can’t compare link building to that painting done by Michaelangelo “The Creation of Adam” on the ceiling at Sistine chapel, but when you consider the makings of good linking, the end result can pass as an art.
  4. Ever heard of the phrase “Google slap”? The phrase has been misused a few times and quite a number of people assume it refers to any perceived punishment by Google such as de-indexing or a drop in rankings but it has nothing to do with that.
  5. Chapter 4: The Difference Between Black, Grey and White Hat Link Building Techniques

    Marketers use various techniques for SEO purposes and these can be categorized into one of three techniques: white hat SEO, black hat SEO and gray hat SEO.
  6. By now you know that Google optimization is based on the premise that the more people like a website, the more important and valuable it must be in that niche, and the more it deserves higher rankings.
  7. Chapter 2: Search Engine Optimization Basics You Need To Know

    At its most basic level, SEO is the practice of enhancing and promoting a website in an effort to boost the number of visitors coming through.
  8. For a long time now search engines have been using links as votes, which represent the web’s opinion on what pages users find relevant and useful based on popularity.
  9. This ground-breaking feature length movie presentation reveals The Great Secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries... to reach you.
  10. The 5 S’s of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

    It’s important for you to understand the social aspect of how users utilize social media sites to adapt and be a success at their business.
  11. 5 Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Marketing

    If you run an ecommerce business, chances are your customers are active on social networks regardless of their gender, age, or economic status. In fact, according to the statistics from social media monitoring site Pingdom:
  12. 34 ways to use YouTube for Your Business

    The del.icio.us pages that become popular usually have plenty inbound links. Pages that have lots of inbound links usually rank well in the search engines.