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  1. While offering your E-book on your website is an excellent idea, if you do not want to offer something for free, then you could always sell your E-book on the site.
  2. Article Marketing – How to Use it to Pull More Traffic

    To start with, you will be able to go to popular article directories such as E-zines and submit your articles.
  3. Why is Pulling Traffic So Important?

    Does the word “money” ring a bell to you? How about more popularity and more Internet friends, which means you will have more interest pointing towards you?
  4. Introduction

    Within this manual, you are going to find pages and pages of ways you will be able to pull traffic to your website.
  5. Chapter 6: Why It Is Important To Keep Your Marriage Together

    Marriage is a lifetime commitment. In reality, marriage can be hard to keep together when one or both are not committed enough, or did not manage to change some of the bad situations.
  6. Chapter 5: Learn To Be Kind And Caring

    Being kind and caring should not go only towards others; your spouse needs it most. Tying the knot only once is what most people wish for, but sometimes life does not go your way.
  7. Chapter 4: Develop Rituals For Intimacy

    Intimacy is essentially important for a married couple. Intimacy brings closeness and togetherness between a couple, either through the feeling of love or sexual relations.
  8. Chapter 3: Learn How To Have Good Fights Instead Of Bad Fights

    Anger sparks bad fights. Bad fights may tear a marriage apart. Bad fights can be fights involving physical abuse, verbal abuse, or silent fights meaning not approaching each other for a period of time.
  9. Chapter 2: Work At Being Friends And Lovers

    Marriage needs long-term maintenance. Respect, love, and patience are some values that couples share to hold the marriage together.
  10. Developing Surefire Winners

    You should now understand the basic structure of a winning product, and if you've completed the steps in the previous chapter, you have your chapter titles and summaries already written.
  11. Example Layout:

    Chapter Title: The Fastest Way To Build A Website