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  1. Developing Surefire Winners

    You should now understand the basic structure of a winning product, and if you've completed the steps in the previous chapter, you have your chapter titles and summaries already written.
  2. Example Layout:

    Chapter Title: The Fastest Way To Build A Website
  3. Formatting Your Ebook

    Most people think that you format your book AFTER it's already written. Wrong.
  4. Quick & Easy Research Process

    There are a thousand different ways to present the same information, just as there are hundreds of different questions that need to be answered within every industry.
  5. Chapter 8: Change Your Diet

    While transfer factor isolate alone has extraordinary attributes, adding particular immune-boosting photochemical, vitamins and minerals may make a great thing even better.
  6. Chapter 7: What All Can Be Linked To An Out of Balance Immune System

    Even putting on weight might be related to an immune system that’s out of balance.
  7. Chapter 6: Healing For AIDS

    Another powerful way transfer factor helps individuals is in boosting an immune system that is virtually non-existent.
  8. Chapter 5: Healing For Cancer

    One of the powerful product benefits of transfer factor is the ability to heal cancer. As an alternative to chemotherapy which actually weakens the body, transfer factor will strengthen the body in many ways – building up its natural resistance against the cancer cells.
  9. Chapter 4: How It Deals With Your Immune System

    What is amazing about transfer factor is that it is not just available in the mother’s milk. It is also available in cow’s milk and egg yolks.
  10. Chapter 3: Scientific Evidence Of Why It Works

    I bet you are probably very curious as to how a miracle product like this works.
  11. Chapter 2: The Benefits Of Transfer Factor

    In this chapter, we will talk about 2 major ones. There are two major sources where transfer factor is extracted.