Launch An Autopilot Stream Of Income Using PDFs

Launch An Autopilot Stream Of Income Using PDFs

Did you know that with a straightforward and proven formula you can promote practically any product so
effectively, others will jump for the opportunity to promote it for you?

It's a simple formula...

* Create a short PDF
* In the report, link to an affiliate programs
* Allow your affiliates to brand the report with their own referral ids.

And boy does it work!

But, as always, there is a pretty big hitch...

The tool you use to allow these reports to be rebranded probably is super-hard to learn how to use, only works
on certain computers, and will end up causing you and your affiliates headaches.

The complexity of the rebranding process is a huge turn off to affiliates, and it cuts way into the viral report's

You could be losing 1/2 or more of your sales if you don't streamline the system.

But finally, the no-pain, quick to setup, and super-easy to use PDF rebrander is available. It's name is quite fitting: Easy Viral PDF Brander.

In fact, it's so awe-inspiringly simple to use that your affiliates won't even have to download a branding
tool to get their rebranded report. It's as easy as visiting a simple website, putting their referral ids in a form, hitting submit, and VOILA, the rebranded report automatically starts downloading to their computer.

Now, you may have seen some so-called "on-the-fly" PDF rebranders out there before, but this is nothing like them. You can...

* Rebrand an unlimited number of links and promote ALL of your programs
* Set it up in 3 simple steps in under 2 minutes, never having to mess with complicated things like mysql
* Create an unlimited number of reports, so your affiliates always have something new to promote you with
* Customize the setup so the forms fit seamlessly into your website, even integrating it into membership sites and charging for access to the rebrander

And all of that is just scratching the surface. There is nothing else out there like this, and you can only get it from one spot. This is the rebranding tool so easy to use your affiliates will love you, and so powerful you will never stop coming up with new ideas for how to use it.

Do check it out! This is some hot stuff...Easy Viral PDF Brander.

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