How to Make Money Online and Start an Internet Marketing Business

How to Make Money Online and Start an Internet Marketing Business


So you have heard that starting an online business is an easy and quick way to making money. Well, I'm afraid to tell you that it isn't a quick and easy way to make money. I don't know anyone that magically started making money online overnight with no work.

Stop worrying about making money online. Stop looking for the magic push button system that magically makes you rich overnight.

I'm afraid to tell you that they simply do not exist. If you knew how to make money easily with a few clicks of your mouse would you be selling those secrets for a few bucks?

The only way to build a successful online business is to have a clear purpose, what makes you different to your competition, what's your Unique Selling Point?

You need to deliver VALUE, but you need to deliver it differently to everyone else.

What is your clear purpose?
What value can you deliver?
How are you different to everyone else?

Are you prepared to do that for FREE to start with if needs be?

At least until you have proof that your strategies work and what value you can provide.

Before you start thinking I have nothing I could teach that would be of value to anyone else, you are wrong.

Everyone has something of value. Do you know how to knit, scrapbook, play golf or computer games all of which are very popular, very profitable niches. I discovered a very profitable niche the other day, how to clean and de-clutter your home.

Once you have something of value and you have proved that your strategies work, then you can start thinking about charging for that information. But start small; start off by charging a lot less than the value you are going to deliver.

Think of any internet marketing millionaires and every one of those started in this way.

They found a way of making money online. They actually made the money first over a period of time. Then and only then did they offer to teach others how they made that money online.

The first thing you need to learn is that if you try to make money online then you will fail. If you start by giving value in exchange for money then you will start seeing a return on your time investment.

So where do you start?

I am sure you have heard things like:
The money is in the list.
It's easier to be an affiliate then a product creator.
You can't create a product if you're not an expert.


The money is in the list. That is definitely true. But not all lists are created equal.

Now once you have worked out that people invest in results you can start to build a buyers list, someone who has actually taken their credit card out and spent some money in order to get access to your knowledge. But, I am sure if you do not class yourself as an expert then you is probably very nervous about creating your own product?

Let me tell you something about product creation.

No one really talks about this even though it's very important when it comes to your long term wealth and stabilizing your income.

You see the only good thing about a JOB is you get a regular pay check come rain or shine.

Every month you get paid without fail.

It isn't the same in business. Your money goes up, and your money goes down. Every month, your income fluctuates. So to stabilize your income as much as possible you need to build a buyers list. Why, because a buyers list is you repeat business. The customers that come back and continue to buy from you. This of course only works If and only if you have over delivered the value in the first place. Would you buy more information from somebody who had already over promised and under delivered?

The other point of course is a buyer is worth ten times more to you then a freebie seeker.

This is why I want you to become or at least consider being a product creator.

Think about this ...

How many lists are you on where you get hit with pitch after pitch, after pitch selling yet another affiliate product?

Lots, right?

Yeah well, guess what's happening to their list?

It's getting bored, fed-up and diluted.

Think about it.

Every time you sell someone else's stuff you're going to lose subscribers.

Sure some will buy the product (and you get a commission) but they will also sign up to the product owners list. If they like the information they have bought, then they will start to follow and receive emails from the product creator. What do they need you for now?

I know this because I've done this.

But here's the deal.

Now there is competition in the inbox.

They get your email and this other guy's email.

Say they read yours. You send another email pitch and guess what ...

... They join someone else's list.

Your open-rates decline, your emails get read less and less and eventually you become just another email in the spam folder.

Sell ​​your own stuff (and you can still send the occasional affiliate promotion) and you'll deepen the relationship with your list.

They'll get to know you so much better and like your stuff more.

Then you can get affiliates to send you traffic and dilute their list instead of yours.

So it's a very good idea to create your own products to stabilize your income online, by building a buyers / repeat customer list. You also use other people's lists by getting affiliates to promote your products for a percentage of the sales revenue. So effectively building your very lucrative repeat customer list for free.


Source by Gareth P Jehu

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