How Diets Force You to Gain Weight

How Diets Force You to Gain Weight

Over the past 7 days, certified personal trainer and fitness expert Wes Virgin, creator of the Fat Diminisher System, has exposed 2 of the 3 biggest mistakes almost everyone has been taught to make when trying to lose weight.

He’s explained why you don’t have to do long, slow, boring cardio and exposed the 7 Common Weight Loss Lies we’ve been taught.

He’s exposed the hidden ingredient that is why so many of us have weight and health problems, and shown us terrific, tasty ways to avoid it.

And after that two-day experiment Wes asked me to do, I realized he knew exactly what he’s talking about.

Now he’s about to reveal the biggest weight loss mistake there is.

Remember the menu Wes gave for me?

I couldn’t believe how much food it was. I said, “Wes, this is too much food!”

All he said was—and it totally floored me—“The biggest enemy of weight loss is hunger.”

Mistake #3: going hungry.

And eating bland, boring food you don’t like.

Hunger is one of our deepest, strongest, oldest instincts and nobody can beat it. Nobody. Sooner or later, hunger will send you on a rampaging refrigerator raid, and you’re gonna eat. A lot. And it’s going to be packed with all the protein, fat, sugar, and flavor you’ve been depriving yourself of. 

Worse, hunger slows your metabolism at the same time you eat more—so your body requires less energy and stockpiles the rest.

As fat.

So click here to watch Wes’ absolutely free, valuable and interesting presentation. He explains how you can use

  • Good, good-for-you food so you never feel hungry or deprived
  • His anti-oxidant-packed Fat Diminishing Drink full of a superfood we (men and women alike!) crave because it’s so delicious
  • And short, interesting, fun workouts that leave you energized

To strip away your excess fat, revealing your true body…

Toned, attractive, healthier and better-looking than most 20-year-olds.

Now there’s no obligation, but for next the 48 hours, Wes is offering the Fat Diminisher System at 50% off.

That’s because, until now, Wes has shared the Fat Diminisher System through word of mouth: friends and family, their friends and families, and so on. Now he’s opening it up to the rest of us.

I’ll tell you a secret.

After Wes asked me to try his two-day food experiment, I paid full price for his program.

It’s worth every penny.

Because it’s a simple, effective, sane program that fits easily into your daily routine.

So you might want to jump on it now before the price goes back up.

And the Fat Diminisher System is fully guaranteed. That means that if for any reason—any reason at all—you’re unhappy with it, you get your money back. 100%. No questions asked.

But I’ve also got a free gift for you because Wes Virgin wants to share how simple and easy good food can be.

So go watch his presentation and get the Fat Diminisher System.

Then send me your receipt and I will send you Wes Virgin’s Good, Good-for-You Cookbook. Totally free. Yours to keep, enjoy and share even if you decide you want your money back.

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