WordPress Websites Secrets

WordPress Websites Secrets

WordPress Websites Secrets

Learn Why So Many Marketers Are Secretly Using Blogs To Create Easy "Make In A Day" Static Websites

(Especially If You've Been Dreading Setting Up Your New Website)

In fact, that's one task you don't have to fear at all.

Perhaps you even know HTML, and have invested a serious amount of time in learning CSS.

But the fact is that web coding is changing faster than you can keep up with it - every day!

The good news is…

You really don't have to keep up with HTML, PHP, CSS and XHTML at all!

(For one thing, you're much too busy, spending every bit of spare time wrangling your internet marketing career.

The truth is…

You Just Don't Have Time To Mess Around Making Little Columns Line Up!

You need to get those wagons rolling - yesterday!

So let me introduce you to a wonderful trick many top internet marketers know. (The ones who create hundreds of minisites, and have multiple business ventures in full swing at any given time.)

The truth is, you can take an afternoon to create an easy WordPress blog (and trust me - it will be easy, when I've shown you, step by step, how to do it!)

Then optimize it with easy, free one-click techniques - then convert all the interactive bits to static.

Do that - and you can look forward to instantly learning about:

  1. 2 traffic boosting reasons to go "WordPress" all the way
  2. The beauty of one-click widgets
  3. The power of plugins
  4. One click graphic insertion
  5. Where to find free WordPress Themes
  6. How easy WordPress is, when you use it as a Content Management System
  7.  WordPress shortcuts – that make it even easier!

“Will The Course,WordPress Websites Secrets, Really Be That Easy To Follow?"

That depends on how you like to learn.

If you’ve had problems learning CSS and XHTML, chances are you’re not a logical, linear learner. Your mind sees things in pictures. You jump ahead, because you’re just too impatient to read every word.

You need to be “hands on”, learning by doing things yourself.

(And if you’re a linear, left brained thinker, you’re probably not even reading this letter!)

But seriously… even if you’re quite capable of following the most complex and sophisticated web designing instructions, you’ll find my easy, step-by-step instruction can save you real time!

“Is This Really Going To Help Me Or Are You Going To Tell Me What To Do But Not How?"

Relax! You’re about to find yourself working with a straightforward “how to” manual.

Every step is illustrated with screenshots, as I set up a blog and change it to a static website while you follow along, step by step.

You won’t waste your time impatiently plowing through 15 pages of "introduction", being convinced about something that you probably aren’t even going to be shown.

We'll get right down to business - together. (Print WordPress Website Secrets out, and follow along as you set up your site - page by page!)

"What Can I Expect To Learn?

That's easy to answer! You'll soon be learning:

  1. How to set up a WordPress Blog on your own site
  2. How to easily operate through cPanel
  3. How to find and install plugins, widgets and themes
  4.  How to customize your settings for maximum optimization
  5. And most importantly, for your purpose - How to remove components that make it look like a blog

The Course is packed with Hints and Tips that people don't normally find out anywhere other than through aggravating experience.

And once you’ve got your blog set up and converted to a static website, maintaining it should be a breeze!

You'll be able to…

  1. Add new pages easily – just copy paste your text and import graphics with one click!
  2. Customize your second or third columns with information you want – not what WordPress supplies
  3. Update your site in less than an afternoon - without worrying about making coding mistakes!
  4. Discover just how easy it is to perform the most complex functions with WordPress as a Content Management System!
  5. Reflect a competent, professional web image to compliment your marketing efforts
  6. Easily achieve the professional, balanced “look” of a custom-designed site – at virtually zero cost!
  7. Have more time for tasks you really want to do!
  8. Maybe even have more time to just relax!

You Won’t Need A Degree In Math To Learn How To Make WordPress

Your Best Web Design Expert Friend!

But you will need a competent “guide”.

That’s where the course will really prove handy.

And the best part is – you'll own it. You can use it, again and again, every time you set up a new static website or blog.

You'll totally avoid:

  • Making heartbreaking coding mistakes - and wasting days trying to clean up the mess!
  • Wasting hours on forums, looking up answers you don’t understand on the net
  • Losing days of time, your attention diverted away from your marketing as you struggle with code
  • Having to continually upgrade your skills – just to realize you still can’t make that maddening piece of coding line up and work!

You see, I’ve totally been in the position just described.

And that’s why I’m now passionate about - and totally sold on - WordPress!

Since I started using it, this fabulous, user-friendly Content Management System has saved me days of hair-pulling frustration and missed deadlines!

(And by the way – it can even create squeeze pages! Just try the FlexSqueeze theme. It’s a paid one, I admit – but it’s worth its weight in gold.)

(And there’s even a free version called Flexibility2.)

That’s the sort of up-front tips you’ll be getting in WordPress Websites Secrets.


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