Winning the wholesale and drop shipping game

Winning the wholesale and drop shipping game

Winning the wholesale and drop shipping game

How many Wholesale Directories have you bought just to find out that the information is sorely outdated?

How much of your hard-earned money have you spent on monthly-fees to "Dropshipping" sites, ...only to find out that the only one who stands to make any profits from the deal is the owner of the dropshipping site?

How many forums have you posted a request for help in, BEGGED even, just to be told to go find your own way through the endless maze of misinformation?







What this course isn't:

It's NOT a Wholesale Directory or list of links that will soon become outdated.

It's NOT an expensive course or coaching program.

It's NOT a membership site with a search engine that limits you to a select group of companies willing to be listed in a database of suppliers.

It's NOT a teaser leading up to the sale of something more for you to have to buy in order to get some real answers to your questions.

What it IS:

The Key that unlocks the door to a practically endless number of suppliers.

The Guide to sourcing products at TRUE Wholesale prices that will work for YOU

YOUR Ticket to finally starting & running a PROFITABLE business on eBay, Amazon, your own e-commerce website, brick & mortar store, or flea market booth.

Give yourself a gift that will serve you well for a long time to come.


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  1. Introduction

    The first thing most would-be online retailers, flea market vendors, etc. do is search Google for “wholesale” or dropshippers.
  2. Preliminaries and a Few Words of Advice

    This isn’t a course on how to start and run a business. There are plenty of excellent sources for that information and it’s not my aim to fill up the following pages with redundant material.
  3. What is True Wholesale Pricing Anyway?

    When trying to work with one of these companies your situation really looks more like this...
  4. How to Find Real Wholesale Suppliers

    This course wouldn’t be complete if I just left you hanging with this all-important, never answered completely, question in your mind.
  5. Some Real-World Examples

    Since I can’t possibly know what types of products you’ll want to sell I’ll just show you some examples that easily come to mind. Adapt these steps to your own situation and you should have an easier time when searching.
  6. Advanced Search Terms

    While some of these may seem redundant, they do yield different results in the SERPs
  7. The Ins & Outs of Drop Shipping

    There are a few things you’ll need to be aware of though:

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