Why Integration Marketing

Why Integration Marketing

Why Integration Marketing

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"How To Harness The Power of Integration Marketing In Your Online Business For Easier Profits, Faster & Better Than Ever Before..."

Whatever Business You're In, You Too Can Harness The Power Of Integration Marketing To Crush Your Competition

Be excited...

'cause you're going to find out exactly how to piggy-back off other websites so you can gain more leads and sales, no matter what business you're in!

Companies such as Nike, Google and GoDaddy are doing it, so why can't you?

It's All In The Power of Integration Marketing!

Integration marketing (IM) is much like this proverb from the Bible, which states, “The spider takes hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces.” The spider has integrated itself into someone else’s world, in this case the king’s, thus, benefiting from the position the palace real estate gave her without paying a dime for it.

Can you see the basic principle here?

Integration marketing unifies experts by creating a situation where superior products and services come together in marketing to a specified target audience. The benefits experienced by all are:

Brand Exposure
Relationship Building with other list customers
Credibility & Trust
How Does An Entrepreneur Use Online Integration Marketing?

The answer to this question is not as easy as saying, "One, two, and three." Online IM is used in the following places:

Opt-in pages – bonuses are often offered here and may be from other marketers.

Email – this is usually coming from someone's marketing funnel you have subscribed to. Here you can see the upsells after your initial purchase.

Thank-you pages after a purchase – can and should contain more relevant information to the consumer either for free or sale.

Blogs – many entrepreneurs form affiliate partnerships with others providing them html code to add in a blog post or sidebar in the form of a widget. The image with link stays indefinitely adding that much more exposure to the original marketer as long as the website owner blogs regularly and continues to engage with his or her target audience.
With all that being said, isn't it time you harnessed the power of online integration marketing?

If you're ready, you'll love what I created...

Introducing...Why Integration Marketing?

Having a website is one thing, but promoting it is another.

Here's what you'll discover in the Promote Tactics guide:

How anyone, even if you're a small business owner, can increase profits by using integration marketing.

How even the big companies like Nike and Google utilize integration marketing.

A strategy you can follow for a sure-fire win/win with your integration partner.

How to find integration marketing partners.

Integration marketing tactics that work in any scenario.

How to model sites like GoDaddy in your online business and double, triple even quadriple your sales!

How integration marketing creates a win/win for each party and why it makes it almost like a no brainer for partners to hop on board.

What to blog about and the different styles of blogging you can use when blog posting.

...and much, much more!

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Course Intro Video


  1. Introduction

    What is online integration marketing vs. JV Partnerships?
  2. Chapter 1: How Integration Marketing Can Increase Your Profits Faster & Easier

    The classic lemonade stand is a great example of how you can increase your profits faster and easier with integration marketing.
  3. Chapter 2: Integration Internet Marketing Strategy

    Before we get into some great information, let’s define the word strategy by way of Webster’s dictionary, Thesaurus.com and the internet.
  4. Chapter 3: Clever Integration Marketing Tactics

    The words clever and tactics can sound kind of mischievous so we will explain the meanings with regards to their use on the internet.
  5. The internet is a noisy place. No, it’s a super noisy place but a great place just the same time. Many have referred to it as the information super highway.

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