How To Boost Your Health With Gua Sha

How To Boost Your Health With Gua Sha

How To Boost Your Health With Gua Sha

East treatment is coming into recognition due to evolving techniques and researches that proves that eastern medical therapy is reputable.

Western medical treatments are finding ways to merge with eastern medical treatments in ways that were unthinkable last time.

For those who refuses western medical treatments or western medical treatments offer no hope, they turn to eastern medical treatments in hopes of cure. Besides, eastern medical treatments offer effective treatment with less or no side effects.

This course  shall reveal one of the best kept traditional Chinese treatment methods unknown to many, known as Gua Sha.

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  1. Asia is popular with traditional medication practice. One of them is Gua Sha. It is commonly used by folks that chose not to seek treatment with doctors and prefer to treat themselves with alternative treatment.
  2. Gua sha in Chinese means to scrape away fever or translated more loosely, to rub away illness by allowing the illness to break out from the body as red-sandy-looking entity through skin.
  3. Gua Sha is an accompaniment technique used to heal or prevent ailments in addition to acupuncture and Chinese massage treatments. Gua means rubbing or friction. Sha means the red appearance of blood congestion at the surface of the body.
  4. Gua Sha is an Eastern medical treatment to remove blood stagnation from body parts. This can be accomplished with a smooth flat tool such as porcelain soup spoons.
  5. The benefits of Gua Sha are numerous. It is the belief that when „Sha‟ is raised, the pathogenic blood stagnation is removed. This enabled the promotion of normal blood circulation to the muscles, tissues and organs directly beneath the surface treated. The patient treated may experience immediate shift in their conditions such as relief in stiffness, pain and mobility.
  6. Gua Sha is a known safe medical therapy but it is still under medicine field where it cannot be used recklessly. It is best to have the knowledge of when to use Gua Sha and the expected result from the treatment besides having good technique as well.

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