Web Video Production for Non-Professionals

Web Video Production for Non-Professionals

Web Video Production for Non-Professionals

Learn the “Inner Sanctum” Web Video Secrets That Will Turn Your “Average” Video Into a Professional-Quality Masterpiece!

Learn "Web Video Production for Non-Professionals" And Get Started TODAY...

If you’re setting out to create awesome new web videos – but you don’t know where to start – this is the best “introductory” book you can get your hands on.

Here’s what it covers…

• The keys to making an exciting, compelling video that people want to watch…
• How to make a web video that boosts sales conversions on websites…
• How to use video to solve a high “bounce rate”…
• How video can overcome boring copy…
• How to develop amazing concepts – even when you’re out of ideas…
• How to decide what style of video you want to create…
• And much more!

Bottom line? ALL the web video skills and knowledge you NEED is in this course…

Secrets of Successful Videos That Boost Business and Attract
Massive Public Attention and Exposure!

Here’s a list of all the subjects this course tackles…

• The Equipment and Hardware You’ll Need
• How to “Improvise” and Do Video Production Without Hardware
• Software – Specialist programs that are worth the money
• Planning and Pre-Production – the key to smooth studio time
• Deciding on Your Type of Video – creative choices, physical limits, etc.
• Storyboarding – Know ahead of time what the video will look like
• Creating a Script – Training your ear to listen and talk, not read and write
• Filming and Production – “Inside” secrets for getting everything right
• How to Read Professionally From a Script – Follow these tips for best results
• Some Tips for Using a Camera – It’s not just “point and shoot”
• Creating Your Set – Everything inside the frame is what matters
• Editing – The final product is what people see… nothing else
• How to Use Editing Software – Step-by-step guides and shortcuts, too!
• Openers, Music, Logos, Titles and Lower Thirds – Details, details, it’s all about the details…

You see, with video, there’s no room for “sloppiness” – because the camera doesn’t lie… nor does what makes it to the screen.

It has to be perfect. After all, the video your audience sees is what “represents” you and gives people either a good impression… or one that’s not-so-good.

And now, you can LEARN ALL THE SKILLS for producing high-quality videos that aren’t obnoxiously expensive.

We show you how to tell a STORY – with the pictures, with the narrative, and with the soundtrack, all combined into one.

This is not a skill that the average person possesses. It takes years of training to understand the proper way to mix all three elements together.

But the “secrets” are revealed in this course.

You’ll know what your video really needs to look like and sound like a PROFESSIONAL video that will make a lasting POSITIVE impression on your audience.

Bad videos make you look bad.

Learn this course  TODAY. And learn how to create a compelling video that virtually “demands” attention and gets people to watch it! 

Course Intro Video


  1. Introduction

    Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to any internet marketer and provides an excellent way for you to set yourself apart from the millions of other people trying to 'get rich quick' online.
  2. What You Can Use Video Production For

    So what does one use video production for?
  3. What You Will Need

    So that's why you should learn at least basic video production. This is potentially highly lucrative and it can help you to be more successful in all your web related activities. But how do you go about it?
  4. Video Production Without Hardware

    Believe it or not, a video camera is actually an optional piece of equipment for professional video production and you don't actually need it in order to make something that will help you to sell your products or services.
  5. Planning and Pre-Production

    Before you get started creating anything, you need to know what it is you're going to create. This will then inform the process you use and which tools you're going to need.
  6. Filming and Production

    How to Read Professionally From a Script

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