Video Sales Letter Genius

Video Sales Letter Genius

Video Sales Letter Genius

Get Hordes of People Buying Your Product After Watching Your Video Sales Letter

"Discover How to Create a Video Sales Letter that Gets People to Watch from Start to Finish, and Give Them the Urge to Buy Your Product Right Away!"

Turn Your Regular Sales Letter into a High-Converting Video that Brings Consistent Cash to Your Bank Account

Video sales letter is one of the most effective types of sales letter that you can use to significantly boost your conversion rate. According to estimates, video sales letters can outperform a regular sales letter by as much as 300 percent!

If you can just present your potential customers an interesting video sales presentation, with a good animation and a clear sales message, it is your opportunity to start earning from your product like never before.

If you've failed in converting your product before:

Maybe people simply don't trust your product and don't believe in what you are saying in your sales pitch.

Had you ever created a sales letter that is a total failure (i.e. no one buys your product) that it makes you really frustrated?

Did you try to follow a really complicated guide to write an effective sales letter, and yet still struggle in making money from your fabulous product?

"You Are NOT Alone!"

You are not alone! Perhaps there are thousands of people who are experiencing the same "unfortunate" experience as you. There are people who work hard to create an excellent product that they believe can help to better the life of their audience, yet failed miserably because of a bad sales letter presentation.

Some of them have even consulted the so-called "experts" to help them fix the problem, yet the problem remains...

You don't need to live with a struggle just because of your failure in creating a good sales letter for your excellent product. There are ways to make your sales letter even more appealing for your audience. You just need to change the way you present your sales message, and you can start getting people to really

RESPOND to your call to action.

You don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to hire a top-notch copywriter to write you a high-converting sales letter. You only need to know how to create your sales letter the right way, and that's

why I'm going to tell you a secret shortcut...

Here’s an overview of this ultimate guide to dominating CPA world:

Start creating a high-converting video sales letter that hooks your audience's attention and lead them to buy your product right away

Earn consistent income from your product sales

Turn your lousy sales letter into an engaging video sales presentation

Learn the profile of your audience so that you can target the right person that will "click" on your sales message without thinking

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars, just learn some simple tricks

Replicate the process for as many products that you want to sell

Look, this is not a kind of magic way to get rich by writing a sales letter. This is the blueprint that you need to follow if you want to write a highly-effective video sales letter that does its job really well, which is to convert your audience into customers.

No matter what product that you want to sell, you can use this blueprint to make money out of it.You can sell e-books, video courses, software, PDF reports, membership programs, or anything else. You can pick any niche and start solving people's problems with your products.

You have the right step-by-step guide that tells you exactly how to create a video sales letter that will help to sell whatever product that you are going to sell.

What do you need to do to start selling your product like crazy?

You just need to follow the blueprint explained in Video Sales Letter Genius, which tells you the right way to create an engaging video sales letter that really converts.

Wow, that's really interesting. Will this information cost me a lot of money?

This blueprint doesn't cost a lot of money to obtain, and anyone can simply follow its easy step-by-step guide. I have had successes with video sales letters for my own products, and I want to help you to have the same success as I do. I put the lowest price tag for this blueprint to ensure that those who need it can afford it and start applying it in their business.

Are you still unsure whether you'll be able to significantly improve your conversion rate with the engaging video sales letter that you will create?

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to pay for professional copywriters to create a high-converting sales letter for you.

Learn how easy it is to create an engaging video sales letter with great animations once you understand what to do and what tools to use.

You can simplify the way you target your audience without the need to spend hundreds of dollars for a professional SEO service.

Learn how to write your sales letter in a way that will attract your audience's attention and urge them to buy your product right away. Yes, right away.

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Course Intro Video


  1. Introduction

    Welcome to the “Video Sales Letter Genius” course! This is the introduction to what we’re going to learn. And first things first, I want to make a statement here and some of you may agree some of you may disagree.
  2. Chapter 1: Who is Your Audience?

    So in this chapter I'm going to help you figure out exactly who is your audience, the exact demographics of the person that you're trying to reach.
  3. Chapter 2: What is Your Audience’s Pain?

    This chapter is going to be a really quick exercise to figure out what is your audience's pain. Basically, what are their problems, what keeps them up at night.
  4. Chapter 3: Common Buyer Objections and Resistance

    This part is very crucial. Once you understand this then you really can apply this to all different niches across the board. This is going to help you sell better when it comes to your video sales letters and even text sales letters.
  5. Chapter 4: Video Sales Letter Formula – Part 1

    The first thing I want you to do before we actually get into the written process is define the enemy.
  6. Chapter 5: Video Sales Letter Formula – Part 2

    Here we will talk about a crucial question that everybody is going to ask and that is “What's in it for me?” and “Why should I believe in you?”.
  7. Chapter 6: Video Sales Letter Formula – Part 3

    Let's talk about your pitch. At this point we're going to talk about your offer. This is crucial because this is the defining point whether or not they will buy your product or service.
  8. Chapter 7: The Tools

    Ok, so you have the written part. It's easy to take that and turn it into a video sales letter that will look like cartoons or whiteboard sales videos. You've probably seen a lot of those and many of those convert really well.
  9. Chapter 8: Text vs. Screen Capture

    So the question is when should you use text only? When I say text only I mean PowerPoint slides, text cartoons, text prezis etc.

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