Using The Law Of Attraction To Accomplish Your Life’s Purpose

Using The Law Of Attraction To Accomplish Your Life’s Purpose

Using The Law Of Attraction To Accomplish Your Life’s Purpose

Imagine for a moment that you have in your possession a source of absolute and everlasting power. You solely could command the warmth of the sunshine, the rain, the tides and the direction of the air. What would you perform with this kind of power? Would you abuse it causing the world to fall into absolute chaos? Would you be generous and openhearted, employing your power to serve the humans of your planet accomplish their greatest potential?

Unluckily (or luckily, as the illustration could be) there's no way for an individual to consume such power. Mother Nature controls the global systems. You'll never be able to hold complete control over your surroundings. What if you could decide the path of your own life? What if you could achieve outstanding things and gain great wealth merely by applying the ability of your own mind? What if I said to you that this doesn't have to be a “what if?” What if I said to you that you have in your mind the ability to graph the path of the remainder of your life on whatsoever course you consider fit?

All individuals contain in their mind the ability to mold the events of their life to accomplish whatsoever goals they see fit. This power is called the law of attraction. Join the course to learn more...........

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  1. The opinion held by numerous theorists is that the world is regulated by a set of universal laws; these laws can't be altered, can't be broken and apply to every person, no matter what their age or nationality may be.
  2. Lesson 2: Applying The Law

    It does not do you any good to know what the law of attraction is if you don't recognize how to apply it to accomplish success in your personal life.
  3. Lesson 3: What Can the Law of Attraction Do for You

    Why is the real success so relatively unforced? It may be compared to the magnetic field produced by an electrical current through a wire. The greater the force of the current, the larger the magnetic field that it brings forth.
  4. Lesson 4: When Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work

    As you'll have gotten from past sections, the law of attraction doesn't always work in the manner that all individuals involved would prefer it to. Why is that?
  5. Lesson 5: Affirmation

    Affirmation is the firm declaration of something to be true and is intended to convince the mind that what it wants to happen will.
  6. Lesson 6: Subliminal Messaging

    Subliminal messaging is one of the oldest forms of subliminal manipulation and has been the one to face the greatest amount of controversy.

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