Turn a friend into your lover or girlfriend

Turn a friend into your lover or girlfriend

Turn a friend into your lover or girlfriend

Finally, You Too Can Turn A Friend Into Your Lover Or Girlfriend...And Make Her Think It Was HER Idea... Guaranteed !

Here's your only chance to break out of the "friend" zone... and make her feel attraction, arousal, or even love for YOU ... without rejection, awkwardness, or embarrassment!

Dear friend,

Even if it seems impossible right now, you can turn that friend into your lover or girlfriend...and make her think romantic, sexual or even loving thoughts about you.

And... you can do it all without any risk of rejection, embarrassment, or even fear of driving her away.

Best of all... you can make her believe that it was all her idea, to finally get out of the dreaded "friend zone" and start enjoying a passionate, sensual, and sexual relationship with you. (Even if she is NOT attracted to you at all - right now...)


I've been there... I know what it's like to be in that hell where you're so attracted to your friend that it hurts inside. You're such good friends and you get along so well with each other -- but she only likes you "as a friend."

You feel so close to her yet so far from ever being able to make her want you in a romatic or sexual way.

You're turned on by her beauty, her voice, the way she smells, the way she looks and smiles at you, the way she laughs... even the way she walks.

Your heart beats faster every time you see her...you feel that longing and yearning in your chest...and that pain in the pit of your stomach.

You hate seeing her date or go out with those other guys. You know that you could treat her so much better than any of those other guys ever would! (And, maybe those guys are even laughing at you, behind your back.)

Yet, you're afraid to tell your special friend exactly how you feel at the risk of being rejected, embarrassed...or worse... scaring her away and losing her from your life completely.

And you just feel like pulling your hair out, in confusion, frustration, and anger. You wonder when - or IF - you will ever be able to make her want you, in the same way, that you want her...

So, let me ask you this...

Are you tired of this bullsh*t yet? Are you sick of not being able to enjoy her more than as a friend? Maybe as a lover, or even as your girlfriend?

And, be honest... are you ready to do whatever it takes to finally change how she sees and feels about you?

Are you ready to get out of the "friend" zone...and step into the romance, sex, and love zone?

Because here is your only chance...your only way to get her to fall for you... before it's too late... before she decides to get really serious with another guy - and maybe even considers getting engaged or married to him...

It's time to "man up" and claim what's yours...to claim what you know you deserve...before it's gone forever.

And, it's easier than you think...

Now, you can learn exactly how it's done ... step-by-step... so that you can take an existing friend...or even someone you've just met...and get her to start seeing you in a different way... in an attractive and lustful way... in a way that makes her want to be "more than friends" with you...

You are about to easily learn the "little-known" skills, know-how and powerful seduction techniques of...

•How to STOP doing things that are keeping you stuck in the dreaded "friend zone"... (These are things you're doing right now, without realizing, that continue to 'force' her to view you as "just a friend"...)

•How to start talking and acting in a way that will shatter the "friend" image in her brain for you... and start getting her to feel attraction, lust, or even love for you! (She won't even realize what you're doing...but she will definitely feel that fire starts to burn inside her...)

•How to easily create jealousy, desire, and even a sense of "competition" in her mind - by making her realize that she wants you all to herself!

•How to get her to see you as her top priority... over every other guy that is dating her now, has dated her in the past, or will ever try to date her in the future!

•How to finally figure out exactly why (and how) men keep falling into the "friend zone" in the first place... and make sure that you never ever let another woman see you as "just a friend" again... unless you want her to.

•How to use "sneaky" powerful psychological and seduction tactics to get her "hot and bothered" at the thought of being with you.

•How to avoid the most common mistakes guys make when trying to seduce a girl from being "just friends" to lovers or more...and do it all without any chance of rejection, embarrassment, or repelling her in any way.

•How to correctly initiate that "first kiss" with her... to forever break the "just friends" mental barrier in her mind... and crystallize for her that she has now stepped into a whole new territory with you... a territory filled with romance, desire, and sensual adventures!

And that's just a partial list of what you will discover here...

This course is about to change your "just friends" relationships forever!

It will help you to take back the power, and finally have full control over your relationships with beautiful women - so that you never again get dumped into the "just friends" category... unless you specifically choose to go there.

You will learn how to create attraction, desire, red-hot lust or even love - if you so choose - in the woman that you want to. (This is the kind of power that most men will never ever get to experience.)

And... you can do all of that even if she currently has no interest or desire to be anything more than 'just friends' with you. (Like I said, you will be able to take back the power and control over your relationships with women.)

If you have even the slightest interest in wielding that kind of power over your relationships, and your happiness, then this report is exactly what you've been waiting for...

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  1. Ah, the dreaded "friend zone"... it's a situation where someone you're attracted to - and want to have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with - is only interested in you as a "friend."
  2. 2. Is It Worth The Investment?

    Before you start using the techniques and strategies shared in this report, there are a few important questions you need to answer...
  3. 3. Choosing the Right Plan of Attack

    In order to use the strategies shared in this report in the most effective way, you must first establish where you currently stand, and what your current relationship is, with your friend.
  4. 4. Benefits of Being "Friends First"

    Ideally, you would never want to end up in the "friend zone" with someone you are attracted to (unless you decided, for some reason, that it wasn't worth pursuing anything more than friendship with that person.)
  5. 5. Getting Into the "Friend Zone"

    In order to get out of the friend zone, it's important that you understand what puts a guy into the friend zone, to begin with. And, as I've touched on earlier, most guys have only themselves to blame for being put into the friend zone. But, it's not entirely their fault.
  6. 6. Getting Out of the "Friend Zone"

    Okay... so despite his best efforts, the average guy can't help but get pushed into the friend zone. And, once he's in there, it's almost impossible to get out.
  7. 7. Pulling Out The Big Guns: Advanced Seduction and Persuasion

    So far, we’ve talked about “planting the seed” inside a woman’s mind. We’ve talked about ways to create attraction in her, towards you.
  8. 8. Importance of the First Kiss

    The first kiss is very important for most women…even more so if that first kiss happens to be with a friend (i.e. you.) In most cases, a kiss is a prelude to sex, i.e. it’s a clear signal for the woman that she will probably be having sex with you very soon in the future… maybe even that same night.
  9. 9. "Stick" Strategies

    Depending on what your long-term goals are with your friend (who you've turned into a lover or girlfriend,) it would be very helpful for you to take some additional steps, in order to make the relationship "stick," i.e. last beyond the first sexual encounter.

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