The Ultimate Social Media Plan

The Ultimate Social Media Plan

The Ultimate Social Media Plan

ATTENTION: Business owners who want more customers/clients...

"Get Instant Access To The Ultimate Guide To Getting More Leads, Sales and Customers Using The Power of High-Traffic Social Media Sites..."

This Course Will Show You How To Use Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube And LinkedIn To Propel Your Business!

Are you caught in a constant struggle to generate more leads and sales?

Are you fed up with paying expensive advertising cost like pay-per-click and not getting results?

How would you like to discover a simple plan that you can follow which can bring to you more customers, no matter what business you're in? ... and best of all, it's easy to follow!

Well, look no further! I've got something very special I'd like to present to you...

A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide to using social media for your business in the least amount of time. I'll show you what to do and how to do it.


  • You'll discover what social media is and how to use it to create social buzz so people can spread the word about your products/services or business in general.
  • How to convert leads into sales in social media. Learn the 3 stages to make the most out of your social media platforms and calculate your return on investment.
  • How to develop a winning social media marketing plan.
  • Discover the 7 essential steps for creating a successful social media strategy
  • The golden rules of social media
  • How to setup and manage a Facebook Page that works. What is is? Why use it? Setting it all up, configuring and optimizing, engaging your customers + more.
  • How to Tweet your way to online prominence using - Why use it? How to build and attract followers + more.
  • LinkedIn strategies to build your network.
  • How to use Google+ to expand your circle. What is Google+ and why use it?
  • YouTube social media plan. Why use it? Thought leadership and expertise. Marketing and advertising and how to optimize your YouTube Videos to get more traffic to your websites.

+ much, much more!


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Course Intro Video


  1. The consumer world today is rapidly changing. Long gone is the era of passive consumerism, these days consumers want to have their say on every product and service they invest in. And with the cutthroat competition, companies are actively seeking ways to gain more leverage through innovation. With the birth of a whole new universe of social media, businesses play an entirely different ballgame.
  2. Chapter 1: Understanding the Value of Social Media Buzz and What It Can Do For Your Business

    These days, social media is the buzz word in marketing and a global trend that has gotten everyone of every age engrossed in one, two and possibly even several social media sites. Everyone is on it, in one form or another. But what is it exactly?
  3. Chapter 2: Developing a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan

    First, here is a quick glimpse on some revealing social media statistics:
  4. Chapter 3: Set up and Manage a Facebook Page That Works

    Facebook is perhaps the most famous global phenomenon that continues to grow exponentially since its launch. Originally designed for college students, we don’t need statistics to prove that Facebook has moved leaps and bounds beyond its original use. Over time, it is recognized as an extremely powerful networking medium for businesses.
  5. Chapter 4: Tweet Your Way to Online Prominence

    Twitter’s simple question: “What are you doing?” has certainly generated a lot of response since its launch. From teenagers, to professionals, celebrities, politicians, corporate bigwigs – you name it, everyone is on Twitter.
  6. Chapter 5: Build Your Network with LinkedIn

    Most people use LinkedIn in order to “link to someone” to form a partnership, make a sale, or get a job. Given its continuing success, it works quite well to that many professions from rank and file, to consultants, CEO and business magnates maintain an account, representing 130 different industries across the globe.
  7. Chapter 6: Expanding Your Circle with Google +

    Before its launch, there have been a lot of talks generated by Google+, mostly because it is from Google itself, the kind in search engine. Since then it has become an integral part of many social media campaigns.
  8. Chapter 7: Captivate Your Audience with YouTube

    While YouTube is widely popular as a form of entertainment, don’t make the mistake of overlooking its significant benefits. It is more than just posting music videos, memorable moments and embarrassing events, as it is originally made popular.

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