The Google+ Business Blueprint

The Google+ Business Blueprint

The Google+ Business Blueprint

Launched in June 2011, Google+ is a new social network that is attracting some serious attention of marketers.

In just a few months, the platform has amassed 40 million+ users, nearly one third of LinkedIn’s 135 million membership base. Despite this impressive growth, the adoption of Google+ doesn’t yet compare to that of Facebook, which has more than 800 million users. But who knows what's going to happen next and can you afford to ignore it?

Ever since its launch, Google+ has been open to individuals to share stories with their Circles, get involved in discussions, post photos, and participate in video conference calls (called Hangouts). However, the social network didn’t provide businesses with much value, and many marketers were left wondering how to truly benefit from Google+.

In early November, Google+ finally rolled out business pages. Now the platform not only enables companies to create pages, but also encourages businesses to grow their following. “I expect brands will notice this and will build marketing plans around it,” said Bradley Horowitz, vice president for products at Google+ in an article for The New York Times. His statement definitely reinforces the potential of the social network for marketing purposes.

You will learn:

What Google+ is and why it Matters

• 9 Facts about Google Plus Pages and Your Business
How to set up a Google+ business page

• Choosing a type of page

• Customising your profile

• Promoting your page

• Hangouts

• Adding Google+ to Your Website

• List Building, Video Marketing

• Further Optimisation

The benefits of Google+

• 5 Ways Google+ Changes Search

• Improving Google Search

• Improved Search Results Quality

• Changing How You Get Traffic

• What’s the marketing takeaway for us as warriors

• Improved Click-Through Rates

• Direct Connect

• How to Set Up Google+ Direct Connect

Best practices for Marketing on google+

• Optimize Your Business Presence on Google+

• Share Lots of Photos

• Recommend Links

• Promote Your Google+ Page on Your Blog and Website

• Sharing Your Posts

• Analyze Traffic and Leads From Google+

• Use Circles to Communicate

• Hangouts and Ideas for Hangouts

• Pimping Out Your Pages

• Enable Google Analytics Integration for +1

• Communication

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  1. 2. Set Up Your Google+ Page in 5 Easy Steps

    While Google indicated that Google+ Pages wouldn’t be immediately accessible to all, they’re actually becoming readily available.
  2. 3. Benefits of Google+ in Search

    5 Ways Google+ Changes Search
  3. 4. Best Practices for Marketers on Google+

    What’s the marketing takeaway for us as warriors?
  4. Google+ vs Facebook for Business With the exception of ‘Hangouts’, the business pages on Google+ really do look similar to that on Facebook, and they seem to provide the same opportunity for updating followers on news, offers, competitions and other relevant information.

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