The Best Advertising Options for Your Money

The Best Advertising Options for Your Money

The Best Advertising Options for Your Money

All business owners are eventually confronted with a serious dilemma --how to advertise, in which medium, and which is the best deal for each dollar spent.

Do newspaper ads out pull radio spots, or is the power of television the only way to go? The answer is different for each business, each situation, each location, and each product.

The following are the pros and cons of each medium. Knowing these can help you decide which medium is right for advertising your product.

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    It's fast. An ad in a magazine may take three months to break. A newspaper ad can come out the next day. If you need business fast, this is great.
  2. RADIO

    Radio offers a wide array of formats which can reach listeners during a specific state of mind, which can complement a specific advertising message. Many people listen to the radio while driving to and from work, other listen in the evening while relaxing next to a cozy fire.

    Is usually in vivid exciting color, and color is a prime motivator of the human mind.

    Magazines offer a wide variety of subject matter and editorial focuses to reach readers when they have a state of mind you are looking for. Thus, you can tailor your message to a high degree of specificity.
  5. You get superior quality color on high-quality paper, allowing for effective product presentation if you are willing to pay top dollar.

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