Successful Blog Marketing

Successful Blog Marketing

Successful Blog Marketing

Take Advantage Of This Technology In The World Of WordPress™ Blogging And Start Making Real Residual Money Again!Even If You Are New To The Playing Field, It's Easy To Make Money Again On The Web, With A Free WordPress™ Blog, Some Good Advice And A New "Marketing Twist" Applied To Your Deepest, Strongest Passions!Uh Oh... New technology has changed the Internet's rules yet again, and this time an upheaval in the blogging community is about to take place.

Market share will be awarded to the ones who can adapt to the new landscape and punish those who rest on their laurels.

In fact the time is ripe and the technology is now here for anyone who learns how to use it and can provide quality content in an area they feel passionate about to actually lock customers away from the competition indefinitely.

So there are some passions that may not apply. But if it truly is a passion of yours, one that you can share with friends, family or co-workers, it most probably will apply to the following techniques.

That said...

Now is the time...historically, we have seen new technology create upheaval's in society. The age of science and reason tore away at the Popes iron grasp on European society fragmenting it to pieces and creating new heroes like Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo and Columbus, to name a few.

The discovery of the new world and of oil made way for poor immigrants like Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie to amass fortunes envied by kings!

The invention of the personal computer ushered in another new upheaval in which the once button down stoic International Business Machine Company (IBM) was buried under an avalanche of pimply faced, Birkenstock wearing, pioneering, young entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and now Mark Zuckerberg.

And as the Internet changes new fortunes are made again and again.

As you can see, when technology changes, new opportunities open up, money changes hands and new faces end up in the winners circle. Now is your chance! WordPress is changing. New Plugins can be added. Advertisers are doing things differently than they ever did before. People are using the Internet in ways they never imagined before. You can either take your ticket and get on the train right now or nap on a bench at the station until it’s too late and the train has already pulled out.

Which side will you be on?

Ever Wonder How Some People Seem To Be The Ones Always Dropping The Twenty Dollar Bills On The Side- Walk... While Others Seem Always To Be The Ones Who See It, Bend Down And Pick Them Up?

It all comes down to paying attention to opportunities and being ready to take advantage of them, as they present themselves.

Anyone who has a passion worth sharing can put the pieces of the puzzle together to make a blog that pays them residual income, day in and day out, as long as they are willing to jump in and actually do some work.

Blogging for bucks is no get rich quick scheme. You need to follow some steps and build a site worthy of profit.

Yet blogging from home or on the road can be a lucrative form of income no matter what your age or educational background.

You do have to do your homework though. First, you need to find which one of your passions is most likely to convert into a viable money making blog. It's quite easy to do and the tools to accomplish this task is available on-line and free.

Once you decide on your niche or micro-niche passion you must find the words used by your potential customers to find information you can provide for them, through your blog.

Taking the information from your research, you would then naturally go out and purchase the perfect name for your site ie. / and if you don't know how already find out how to acquire reliable hosting and move your name there so you can start setting up shop.

With that ground work taken care of you can install your free WordPress ™ blog and start to customize it. Making it beautiful and adding the right plugins that will in turn making profits taking sooooo easy.

Next, you'll need to lay some in-roads to your site and steer people down them.

While all that may sound like a back breaker, it all can be handily accomplished in less than a day.
From there on out, it's strictly producing content for a hungry audience from your imagination in an area that you already love and are familiar with. And then gradually tweaking your income plan accordingly, as your site grows and earns respect in the online community.

That's the real beauty of today's options for Bloggers!

The Ability to tweak and adjust income streams to earn income from day one; even when you are starting on the bottom rung.

Let Me Show You The Leaps And Bounds You Can Take Over Your Competition, Through Blogging With Today New Technological Options!

From Adsense To Affiliates
Products To Services
Pay Per Clicks To Pay To Blog
Even Turning Your Blog Into A Secure Multi-level Membership Site!

And More...

More Reasons Why YOU Cannot Afford To Miss Out On The course.

This course can take a beginner by the hand and explain the steps necessary to get you up and running, it also packs enough serious punch that an experienced blogger would be a dunce if they didn't check it out and see what's coming in the blogging world before it hits them broad-side!

Blogs and Money-Making
Effective Blog WritingBrevity: The Secret Ingredient
Brevity: The Secret Ingredient Content Quality Control
Content Quality Control
Basic Grammar Problems
Direct Advertising
Pursuing Your Advertisers
Sponsorship and Research
Determining Your Price
…and so much more!

Membership sites are now so easy and so lucrative to construct in today's new web-scape that soon most web customers will be locked into their favorite one and locked away from the competition.

It may not even sound like capitalism anymore because as long as a member is satisfied in there membership they will no longer have to use the rest of the web to shop around.

That's why it's imperative that you get the course right now.

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  1. A blog is a type of website or part of a website. It gets its name from the term “web log” which originally referred to an online log of partner websites, personal updates and newsworthy items.
  2. There are a number of ways to write good, effective blogs. Not all of them involve you actually sitting in front of a computer and writing blog posts every day.
    1. Brevity: The Secret Ingredient

      Brevity, or briefness, is something that many commercial blog posters take for granted. Somewhere in their quest for the perfect keyword ratio and inserting the right amount of product links they fail to realize they’re writing mini-novels instead of regular old blog posts.
    2. What’s The Blog About?

      What’s The Blog About? Keeping your blog on topic is extremely important, especially when we factor in search-engine optimization. If your blog is all about editing videos then you should expand on that topic but don’t wonder off too far.
    3. Who is the Blog For?

      This all plays into the target audience. Who exactly are you writing for?
    4. Content Quality Control

      The quality of your blog content is one of the most crucial aspects of having a successful blog that draws in potential customers and clicks to make you money.
  3. As I discussed earlier, one of the ways to monetize your blog is by accepting blog advertising from other advertisers, such as text-based or banner advertising.
    1. Benefits

    2. Potential Problems

      Before you jump into selling your own ads you should be aware of some of the potential hazards and problems you could face:
    3. Before You Start

      Before landing direct advertising deals you will need to have a good amount of traffic on your site. I don’t necessarily agree with that 24000 rule I mentioned earlier but in generally I recommend around 1000 daily unique visitors.
    4. Pursue Your Advertisers

      You don’t have to just sit around and wait for the offers to come in. In fact that’s probably a terrible idea; you can just as easily go after advertisers yourself.
    5. Where to Look

      Once you have your direct advertising program established, you will start to receive inquiries from people. In the beginning, however, you will need to hunt advertisers down.
    6. Sponsorship and Research

      Blog sponsorships are continuously becoming a trend online. It is because an increasing number of businesses have noticed the power of blog as an extension of their marketing campaign.
    7. Exchange Links

      Other blogs that exchange links with you before may be also a potential advertiser.
  4. Determine Your Price

    Before you get any actual advertisers you may want to think about you’re your prices will be like.
  5. Determine the CPM

    The cost of advertising depends on the traffic of your website. Let’s say there are two websites charging different rates for banner ads. Blog A is charging $200 a month for a small ad and Blog B is charging $300 a month for the same sized ad.
  6. Research Other Bloggers

    The Internet behaves like a giant market place and all websites are subject to the laws of supply and demand.
  7. Use a Blog Ad Network

    Direct advertising is the most profitable way to advertise on your blog but what’s the easiest? Well, as you probably assumed form the chapter title, it’s Blog Ad Networks.
    1. Other Great Ad Networks

      Here are my picks for the top Ad Networks out there that you can use for your blog:
  8. Reaping the Benefits

    If you’ve been following the guide up until this point then you should have all the basic information you’re going to need in order to start your blog’s advertising campaign.

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