Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money Online

Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money Online

Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money Online

Quick question: are you making money online?

If not, or if you’re not earning as much as you’d like, then I have something for you…

A step-by-step blueprint that is tested, proven, and makes money beautifully, today.

Here’s the deal – IF you follow this plan TO THE LETTER, you WILL make the kind of money you got into internet marketing for.

You’ll have an idiot-proof strategy that can be used “over and over” again, with which you can build a lucrative, sustainable business that you can be proud to talk about.

EVERYTHING is covered, with STEP-BY-STEP instructions.

Follow it, succeed, PERIOD.

In this course I’m going to take you step by step through the actual blueprint I’ve used, OVER & OVER & OVER, to produce killer reports and make a consistent, full-time income.

If you follow this guide to the letter, you will have no excuses to fall back on. This is both newbie-friendly and robust enough for experienced marketers alike.

I want you to forget about any failures you’ve had in the past – and commit to this guide. It’s a PROVEN model that has been used for years online – and it can be implemented by anyone. I hear people rave on about not having a step-by-step strategy to follow that actually works. Well, this is it – follow it.

The report will be broken down into 6 steps…

Step One: Choosing & Researching Your Niche

Step Two: Creating Your Free Report

Step Three: Creating Your Opt-In Page to capture leads (prospects)

Step Four: Creating Your OTO (sales page) & Products

Step Five: Email Marketing To Your New Subscribers

Step Six: Driving Traffic To Your Opt-In Page

That’s it, six steps to freedom. If for any reason you are worried about implementing any of the above steps, then quite honestly, you need a mindset adjustment – and maybe that’s what has been holding you back so far. Its super simple to implement the strategy I’m sharing in this report – and you are more than capable of setting this up and earning a full-time income from it.

You can most definitely do this – Do NOT doubt that for one second

My advice before we start – is to read the whole report first. Get an idea of what’s involved in the process. I’m confident you are already familiar with most of the stuff in here anyway – but now it’s laid out in a simple to follow a strategy that works damn well. I can promise you one thing, if you take action with what I show you here, you will have no problem making money online – and you will take that knowledge into anything and everything else you do online for the rest of your career.



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  1. We’ve done a lot of surveys on our customer list, our forum, and training membership. And in every one, “Niche Research” is at or near the top of what people struggle with.
  2. Now it’s time to create our first product to give away on our squeeze page (we’ll get to the sq-page in a moment) – If you’re worried about this part – don’t sweat it. I’m going to show you how super easy it is to create reports that will stand you in good stead for many years to come.
  3. I'm going to assume you already have experience creating a squeeze page. Over the years I have created dozens of squeeze pages in many niches - and it's safe to tell you that 'less is more" and "curiosity" is essential. The more information you give on your squeeze page - the lower (usually – but not always) the opt-in conversions.
  4. In this section, we will cover your “One-Time Offer” or ‘OTO’ page - and the reports you will be selling to your subscribers immediately after they opt into your email list.

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