Start Building Your List FAST

Start Building Your List FAST

Start Building Your List FAST

"Learn How To Start Building a Mailing List Today - and Quickly Generate a Loyal Following of Subscribers Who Make You Money On Tap..."

... Even If You've Never Done It Before

Pretty soon into your internet marketing career you come across the saying “the money is in the list.”

It refers to the fact that perhaps THE single most important thing you can be doing whilst you build your online business is building an email mailing list of subscribers.

When you start to think about it it’s easy to see why having a mailing list is so important…

Having a list means you can sell to people over and over again.

A list gives you money on tap.

With a decent sized list of targeted subscribers you can literally send out an email and be making instant sales - almost whenever you feel like it.

This only applies if you treat your list well though (and you definitely should!)

A list is how people make money in their sleep.

So you NEED to start building a mailing list - but how the hell do you actually do it?!

As a newbie internet marketer (and every successful internet marketer was once a newbie) you start to realize pretty damn quickly that you should be building a list - yet actually doing it (and knowing how to do it) is something else entirely.

Autoresponders... squeeze pages... opt-in bait... autoresponder email sequences... one time offers... download pages...

All these things are essential elements to list building - but if you don't know what they are or what they do we might as well be talking about aliens from outer space.

Listen - building a mailing is not that hard...

What you need is someone to show you the nuts and bolts of actually doing it!

You need someone to take you by the hand and show you how to go from a blank page through to generating your very first subscribers...

  • Learn how to build a mailing list in record time. No stone is left unturned as I take you from having zero subscribers to building your first ever mailing list that's ready to start generating you money.
  • Why you must build a list if you're serious about your online business. It's time to get excited!
  • List building terminology unmasked. Don't know your squeeze pages from your autoresponders? I'll take you through everything in a language you can understand.
  • Creating your freebie bait - and why this is key to your list building success.
  • How to monetize your list building activities. You're building a list and you can make money whilst you do it too.
  • How to generate traffic and turn them into your subscribers. You can have the best list-building system in the world, but without traffic you won't get any results. Sit back as I take you through a crash course in traffic generation methods.
  • and much, much more!
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  1. Pretty soon into your internet marketing career you come across the saying that “the money is in the list.”
  2. Set Up Your List

    Please note that the following instructions relate specifically to Aweber but if you are using a different provider it shouldn’t be too dissimilar.
  3. Create Your Bait

    In order to persuade people to opt in to your mailing list you need to provide them with some sort of incentive to do so.
  4. Build Your Squeeze Page

    A squeeze page is a simple one page website which explains what you are giving away and then has a box where people can enter in their name and email address if they want to grab it.
  5. Build Your One Time Offer (OTO) or Upsell

    It makes sense to monetize the list building process. Ok, so the purpose of building a list is long-term wealth and the opportunity to build a relationship with subscribers – but there’s nothing wrong with making some quick money whilst we are doing it!
  6. Build Your Download Page

    You need to create a download page so that when people have opted-in they can download your freebie.
  7. Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

    Once everything is ‘live’ and you’re ready to start accepting new subscribers you can begin to think about driving traffic to your squeeze page – after all if nobody ever sees what you are offering you’re never going to build your list!

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