Palm Reading Course: How to Read Palms

Palm Reading Course: How to Read Palms

Palm Reading Course: How to Read Palms

Here's How You Can Decipher The Hidden Meaning of your palm lines! Time To Unlock Palm Secrets - See What Your Palm Has To Say!

A Comprehensive Course On Palmistry

You must have often heard that no two fingerprints on this planet are identical. As a matter of fact, every hand is distinctive and unique so far as the pattern of lines is concerned. Your hand is different from that of others because you have your own hopes, personal memories and characteristic traits. What's interesting is the fact that there is a traceable connection between your thoughts, personality and experiences and what your handprints have to say. For all those who are curious to know the meaning and usage of palmistry, here is some ready help! We have compiled accurate information on palmistry in an e-book titled 'Read between the lines - Palmistry simplified!'. If you are curious to learn palmistry and have this e-book with you, you need not look any further!

The elaborations given in the book will help you make rapid judgments of personality and character. Palmistry is undoubtedly an intensive field of study and if you do not dig yourself deep down into it, you will not be able to make accurate use of it. As such, we have made it a point to touch all prime areas helpful in hand-reading. The book that is cut out into ten distinct chapters will definitely acquaint the readers with all the fundamental and advanced features of palmistry. The lucid language and logical flow will help in better and clear understanding of the related topics.
'Read between the lines - Palmistry simplified!' is an course that is compiled with acute sincerity. The course which is split into ten different chapters' covers all the chief areas of palmistry including mounts, hand dominance, quadrants, quadrangle, fingers, major lines, minor lines etc. The course is a comprehensive guide to understand the depth of this subject and then make use of it in one's actual life.

Some believe that the science of palmistry is yet in its infancy. This field of study has however held man's interest since the Stone Age or a time even prior to that. It is pretty interesting that by deciphering the hidden meaning of these lines, you can tell the personality traits of others. Not just personality traits, you can even make future predictions just by way of analyzing the hidden meaning of palm lines. Isn't that amusing? So, if you too want to learn the engaging field of palmistry, grab your copy of 'Read between the lines - Palmistry simplified!' today itself!

I really don't want to blow my own horn aloud by claiming my course to be the most excellent work on palmistry. There might be other great texts available on palmistry but the one that I have for you is the most comprehensive and the most lucid of all. It will take you in the occult world while explaining you each and every part of palmistry. This is not something that I feel. This is something that has come to me as a feedback. People who have thoroughly join the course conveyed their appreciation and admiration for the course in such an overwhelming way that I cannot contain myself. It makes all of us glad that the course which we churned out is not only being read all over but also being appreciated.

Time to unlock palm secrets - See what your palm has to say!

Do mounts indicate anything? What are major and minor mounts?

Palmistry for wealth, health, happiness and love

Should 'Worry Lines' worry you?

What are quadrangle, quadrant and great triangle?

Identifying with Fingers - Their shape, size and fingernails

There is definitely great value in investing in something that can help you understand yourself and others.


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  1. Chapter-2 General understanding of the whole hand

    The entire hand of the person has significance when it comes to palm reading.
  2. Chapter.3 Understanding major and minor lines

    There are three major lines that occur in the palms.
  3. Chapter 4- identifying with fingers - Their shape, size and fingernails

    Like the hand and the palm of the person, the fingers also have an important role in the art of palmistry.
  4. Chapter 5- Do Mounts Indicate Anything? What are Major and Minor Mounts?

    Mounts have an exceptional significance in the palmistry because these are the basis to form different lines.
  5. Chapter 6- What is Hand Dominance?

    The art of palm reading is gaining wide popularity across the globe by describing the exact personality and character of a person.
  6. Chapter 7- Palmistry for wealth, health, Happiness and love

    Love, happiness and wealth are the main and most widely sought questions that you might ask a palm reader.
  7. Chapter 8- What are quadrant quadrangle and great triangle?

    Palm reading is a complex art and it has certain rules and guidelines that it follows.
  8. Chapter 9 - Worry lines

    There are a lot of preoccupations in the human mind and there are a lot of things we are worried about even in our day to day lives.
  9. Chapter 10 - Compiling it all together

    Palmistry is the unique art that has been there since the ancient ages.

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