How to Gain Muscle

How to Gain Muscle

How to Gain Muscle

Are you sick and tired of carrying around those itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, terribly excuses for muscles?

You’ll learn how to use many different tactics for building those tiny muscles into rippling, huge, strong muscles that will not only impress the ladies – heck, it will impress you!

Don’t fall for those over the counter powders that you’re supposed to mix into your food…like muscles are going to magically appear overnight. Come on now, let’s get real ok. I’m going to show you the exact processes I used to gain my rippling muscles and then you can follow my system.
Which foods you should be eating if you ever hope to put muscle on that body. That’s right – it has a lot to do with the grub you’re cramming down your face. You see, certain foods give you muscle building vitamins and minerals that you simply MUST have if you ever hope to be less pathetic.

What exercises work and which ones don’t. You know, there are so many dweebs out there right now just pumping away at this exercise and that – and sadly, they have no idea that it won’t gain them an inch of muscle.

What you really need to build muscle if you want to stay healthy. There’s no use in trying to kill yourself just because you’re puny.

What you’re doing wrong. Yep…Man this is one of my favorite parts. I’ll point out exactly what you’re doing wrong when it comes to trying to build muscles. Ok birdbrain – I’ll also point out what the right things are and how to do those instead. See, getting better by the minute!

Why you must have protein. I’ll let you know what proteins you really need if you hope to become gorgeous like me and where you should get them from. Forget about supplements and vitamins. Those are for girls. Learn how real men get the protein they need.

Steroids – do or don’t? I’m sure it’s something that has crossed your mind, since you’re having so much trouble getting the guns. Well, I’ll tell you whether it’s a great idea or just another dweeb idea of yours. Yes, I’ve got it all covered for you short-stack.

How to get the guns quickly – so you can resemble me even faster. Every guy’s ultimate goal. Lose those puny patooty arms and gain real biceps. Define those abs and build up that bird chest so that you’re sexy, rippled and in the best shape of your life.

And more…

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  1. Among many things that men like to have in them is to build on muscles as fast as they possibly can.
  2. Why men want to build muscle

    coming soon........
  3. 10 Tips for Building Muscles

    Without a shadow of doubt, one can easily prepare a huge list of do’s and don’ts regarding building muscles. However, not all of those methods listed would be effective to everyone alike.
  4. Food that helps you build muscles

    All of us are well aware of the fact that to build muscles one needs to exercise regularly and eat right kinds of foods.
  5. Muscle Building Exercises

    Exercises are probably the most preferred modes of increasing your muscular levels.
  6. Role of antioxidants in building muscles

    Believe it or not, antioxidants in your diet can go a long way in improving your overall health.
  7. Best Dumbbell exercises to build your muscles

    Among different ways how you can build your muscles are your good old dumbbells.
  8. Effective upper body dumbbell exercises

    There are two exercises that can be performed to stimulate your biceps.
  9. Effective lower body dumbbell exercises

    Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Calves can be effectively dealt with a pair of dumbbells.
  10. Ab exercises you need to do to build muscles

    It is not uncommon to see many people investing a lot of their time and energy on abs exercises and yet have not seen any positive results arriving out of it.
  11. Intensity of your abs exercises

    It is very important for every individual to know what abs exercises are good for them and what not.
  12. Why certain muscle building programs don’t work for you

    Most of the muscle building programs existing in front of us would have been developed by weight lifters who have had success in building big muscles.
  13. Role of protein in muscle growth

    Protein is undoubtedly one of the most sought after ingredients amongst many bodybuilders and athletes.
  14. Role of steroids in building muscles

    In a number of ways the artificial steroids have the same effect as that of natural hormones in stimulating the metabolism.
  15. Gaining muscles in a jiffy

    Different people might have contrasting views on how to gain muscles fast.
  16. Conclusion

    Gaining muscles can be everybody’s dream. However, not all of those dreams do get realized.

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