Moving That Mountain with Your Faith

Moving That Mountain with Your Faith

Moving That Mountain with Your Faith

Here's What You'll Learn:

A Review Of Seth Godin's "Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us!"
Creating A Positive Work Environment
Dealing with Communication Overload
How to Deal with Problem Employees
How to Handle a Difficult Discussion
How To Win Over People
Supervisor: Keeping Your Employees Motivated
Wake Up Big Corporations, These Are Your Customers Speaking

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  1. If we truly love God, this immense love will radiate out to all those who come in contact with us - in our families, in our work places, and in our communities - making us true witnesses to the Lord.
  2. During our lifetime, our triumphs and achievements are tempered by our failures and disappointments. Everything in our life has its seasons. And as the song reminds us, "... along with the sunshine, there must be a little rain sometimes ..."
  3. In the last fifty or sixty years a great erosion of our English language heritage has taken place and at the heart of this loss lies the attempt to render the Holy Bible as well as church liturgies and hymns in a form of English that is supposedly modern and easier for ordinary people to understand.
  4. The human genome is made up of DNA code. The DNA code consists of 4 "letters" (chemical bases) arranged in a specific, meaningful sequence/order for every organism.

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