Maximizing Your Business with Facebook

Maximizing Your Business with Facebook

Maximizing Your Business with Facebook

Maximizing Your Business with Facebook

The term “Social Media Marketing” is becoming common. While a year ago it used to be SEO or Search Engine Optimized content, which is basically content with a few specific keywords, put in here and there, the trend nowadays is with various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to increase the profile of a website. The Internet is evolving quickly and something new concerning how you can improve your site's profile is coming up almost on a monthly basis.

Specifically, with Facebook there is a lot of information floating around the net about how essential it is for businesses to be on their website. Yet, many businesses have an innate fear of social networking as such because of their concerns with data security. This is the dilemma that most SMB or Small to

Medium Businesses face, whether to be on Facebook or not.

This guide's purpose is to discuss in detail what exactly Facebook is and how using it can help any small business become bigger than imagined through social networking.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site that was launched in February 2004, by January 2011, it had garnered over 600 million users. It is now considered the third largest web based company in the US after Google and Amazon and usually has more visitors every day than Google.

Even though Facebook my not be considered large when compared to the behemoths that are Google or Amazon, its growth rate has been so fast that people now feel that ignoring Facebook is at their own peril. Even a year ago, Facebook was considered as something for the younger generation – in fact when it was launched first by founder Mark Zuckerberg; it was a place where his classmates and then his college mates at Harvard could share information about themselves.

However, this has seen a radical change. While last year the under 25 age group made up 58% of the population in Facebook right now it is has come down to 40%. This is not so much because younger population is not using Facebook anymore; they still are at the same pace they used to, but because of the increase of other age groups in new registrations. A look at the registration statistics will show this. The those between the ages 35 to 55 has grown at an astounding 277% while the 55+ age group has shown a remarkable 195% increase in new registrations. This is definite proof that the “young” sheen has worn out of Facebook.

There are also other reasons for this, like Facebook's new initiatives to include businesses, with their social plug-ins and authenticating user logins. Although their analytics tool is not as sophisticated as Google's it offers much more in details including demographic information that is invaluable for most businesses.

It is not that everything is to the positive, there are negatives to using Facebook, and primary among this is the fear of data leakage in organizations. Yet, everything has its negatives, and it only remains to be seen if the positives are compelling enough to justify having a Facebook account.

This course will be divided into three broad sections, the first would deal with why Facebook is important for most SMB's, the second will deal with how exactly they can use Facebook to their advantage, and the last will be the negatives to using Facebook.

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    1. Increase Web Presence

      This is the most basic reason for you to do anything online, because it increases your web presence.
    2. Increase Brand Image

      The aim behind increasing web presence is to not only increase the brand awareness, but also increase brand image.
    3. Increase Customer Interaction

      Facebook offers you an existing network that you can exploit.
    4. Lead Generation

      Facebook has a lot of information about its users, and this information is made available to others depending on the privacy level that the users specify.
    5. Gain New Friends

      You are creating a certain loyalty in your network by working to take care of their issues so that the next time they want something they will come to you.
    6. Selling

      The first thing that you should realize is that Facebook is a social network site. This means that you cannot actively canvass for sales the way you would elsewhere.
    7. Community Pages

      Facebook launched their community pages in April 2010 and created a furor of complaints about how it was not only useless but was actually damaging for small business owners.
    8. Use Facebook as an Advantage

      You should start looking at Facebook as a tool that you can use, and if you change your mind to think this way, you will start thinking of different and unique ways to use Facebook to your advantage.
    9. Create a Personal Profile

      While your company needs to have a company page, it is imperative that you as the owner should have their own profile that you can link with the company. This is important because of the way Facebook users behave.
    10. Facebook News Feed

      This is one of the most useful things about Facebook for most SMB owners.
    11. Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages

    12. Notes and Photos

      Everyone knows that Facebook is primarily a place where you can share what is happening with your life through photos.
    13. Messages & Facebook Marketplace

      The amount of money you spend depends on the size of your target audience, and the length of your ad run.
    14. Social Ads

      This feature was brought out in 2007 by Facebook specifically for businesses because it allowed targeting of certain demographic groups within Facebook.
    15. Market Research & Facebook Platform

      With Facebook offering the kind of specific information about its users that it does to advertisers, it is easy to focus market research within your target audience, and have results within hours, if not days.
  1. Other Ways to Use Facebook

    There are other ways in which companies can use Facebook, and that is by linking their site with Facebook.
    1. Social Plug-ins

      If you have visited sites where you have seen a “Thumbs up” button, you know what this is.
    2. Authentication

      This feature is when you use the Facebook login as yours. Many sites give you the option of creating an account with them, which will make your browsing experience that much better.
  2. Facebook Negatives

    With all these advantages, it is easy to think that using Facebook does not have any downsides.
    1. Data Leakage

      This is the biggest and probably the only problem when it comes to companies joining Facebook.
    2. Tone of Voice & Transition Time

      This may sound a little odd, but a number of small businesses are finding it hard to modify their marketing to take advantage of Facebook.
    3. Hackers

      Although Facebook has taken hackers seriously, simply because there are so many users it is a little difficult to check each and every user.
  3. Conclusion

    Facebook offers some compelling reasons for companies to use it to maximize their business.

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