Making money by adding Google AdSense ads to your websites

Making money by adding Google AdSense ads to your websites

Making money by adding Google AdSense ads to your websites

Who Else Would Like A £4000.00 Check From Google In Their Mail Box Every Single Month?

Create A Massive Auto-Pilot Income With The Google Adsense Program Starting Now!

Many website owners have built a fortune at breakneck speed using this plan, and now we’re going to show YOU exactly how you can do it, too --even if you have NO EXPERIENCE with e-commerce or online advertising!

Please pardon us if this letter doesn’t sound all slick and hyped-up—we’re not professional marketers, like many of the so-called gurus you see on late-night TV, or on the internet. In fact, you’ve probably never heard of us. That’s because we’re just a couple of real guys, like you. We’ve played around on the internet, noodling with sites, for years.

There’s just one out-of-the-ordinary thing about us: we're real guys who’ve stumbled onto an amazingly simple system for making BIG money online. Our system is so simple, in fact, that ANYONE can do it and it only takes a few hours a week! This isn’t rocket science—it’s something even high-school drop-outs can do!

Our system is safe, it's simple, and it's remarkably powerful. And yes, YOU can easily learn it—it’s not complicated! It’s called Google Adsense.

If you learn to leverage the power of Google Adsense -

You could be down at your bank cashing a check for £3,000 £5,000, £10,000 -- or even more -- in 28 DAYS or LESS! Picture yourself standing at the teller’s window, handing her the check, and getting all those £50 notes counted out right into your hand. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Hey, we know it’s hard to believe you could make this kind of money working only a few hours a week. But it’s all true! Don’t take our word for it – listen to Rick, a 27-year-old guy who got laid off from his tech job and put Google Adsense system to the test and used it to create his own wealth and freedom!

Exciting isn’t it?

What could YOU do with £1,000, £2,000, £3,000 or MORE in extra money coming in like clockwork each and every month from using our system? Would you…

•Pay off that credit card balance that’s been hanging over your head?
•Buy that new sports car you’ve been wanting? You know the one!
•Upgrade the kitchen in your house, or buy a new whole new home?
•Finally take a real vacation—not just to a nearby city, but to the Caribbean?
•Get rid of your student loans?
•Help your mom, dad, siblings, or friends out financially?
•Donate to your favorite charity?
•Maybe even quit that job you hate and never have to sit in a cubicle again?!

Totally Amazing But True:

Google Will Send You Checks In The Mail Just For Using Their Adsense Program!

You Can Create Killer Content That Draws Thousands Of Hits A Day To Your Site Using Simple Tools!

Users Click On The Ads, You Get Checks—It’s That Easy!

By now you might be wondering, “Yeah, sure, it sounds good…but if this system of yours is such a money-maker, why are you taking time out from it to teach this course? Why aren’t you out there using your system to keep on making money?”

That’s a perfectly valid question!

For me, it’s that I've always wanted to teach. The deep-down satisfaction I gets from mentoring others touches my heart in a truly special way. And, quite honestly, I've made enough money that I can easily afford to indulge this dream of teaching now. I don't like people to know this, but I keep a little shoebox on internet marketing on my desk with letters from my successful students, like Jack, and every week I reads them because they keep him going…and they make me smile.

And now, it’s time for you to stop dreaming and start forging your own reality of SUCCESS TODAY by using our brand new program:

Your Guide to Google Adsense Profits:

How You can Make a Fortune Online with Google Adsense!

This powerful training course contains everything you need to know – and we do mean EVERYTHING – so you can start making dramatic profits from Google Adsense…FAST!

You'll learn:

•How YOU can get Google to stream ads onto your website for free.

•How Google Adsense ads are specially selected to match your site’s topic.
•How YOU earn money every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads.
•The difference between putting ads where they’ll be seen on your site and where they’ll be overlooked—would you believe it can make the difference in a click-through rate of 2.3% versus 40%???
•How YOU can get killer content for your site that you don’t have to write yourself!
•How YOU can use a few simple tools to direct massive amounts of traffic to your site.
•How YOU can automate your content, yet avoid being blacklisted by the major search engines for doing so.
•The secrets of keyword-rich content—what it means, what it does, how to get it!
•How YOU can figure out which keywords will bring you the most money!
•Plus, much, much more!

Finally--your big chance to learn from real people just like you who
have been using these systems to make a fortune with Google Adsense!

Downsizing and layoffs have left thousands of tech-savvy people just like you without incomes or jobs. Don’t let it happen to you! Learn how a few simple, easy steps can help YOU:

•Build your nest egg
•Get out of debt
• Give yourself the confidence to never worry about losing your job
• Become the captain of your own financial life!

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  1. You have probably heard a lot about Google AdSense (which is actually more accurately known as Google AdSense), but you may not know just what it is.
  2. Chapter 2: Building Content-Rich Sites

    First off, why would you want to build content-rich websites? The short answer is Because it keeps people on your site for awhile, it makes them come back, and they tell their friends about that site.
  3. Chapter 3: SEOSearch Engine Optimization

    You have probably heard of SEO, since its very hot right now. It stands for Search Engine Optimization.
  4. Chapter 4: About Specific Keyword Density Ranges

    With the decline of meta-tags, keyword density ranges have become very important. Theyve also become very controversial.
  5. Chapter 5: About Extreme Content Sites

    What is extreme content? Dont worryits not adult content, or graphic violence, or even anything terribly controversial.
  6. You can use those tools in an honest and ethical waywhich is what we recommendto create very interesting and compelling content, or you can use them in an unethical way to lure users to a site that turns out to be not what they thought it was.
  7. Chapter 7: The Eyes Have it So Where are They?

    When youre running a website, whoever is surfing it is staring at the screenbut where? One of the biggest questions for website designers is, Where are the users eyes looking?
  8. Chapter 8: Building a Virtual Content Empire to Display Ads On

    So now youre ready to build your content-rich empire and start raking in the bucks, right?
  9. Chapter 9: Using RSS Feeds for Content

    We live in the information age, and theres just no getting around it. Information and news happens every single day, and savvy site surfers will expect you to update your content regularly.
  10. Chapter 10: Summing Up

    So that you will have them handy as a frame of reference, you'll want to bookmark the Google Guidelines for their search engine:

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