Make This Planet Worth Living For Your Grand Children

Make This Planet Worth Living For Your Grand Children

Make This Planet Worth Living For Your Grand Children

All Game For Green Living?

Here's How You Can Make This Planet Worth Living For Your Grand Children!

Sustainable living has gained quite a lot of momentum in the past one decade or so. Most of the people, I see, agree with the primary objectives of the global environment-saving movement. Yet, very few of them heed towards it when it comes to the practical application of that disposition. A whooping number of individuals expressing their support for environmental defense together with their acknowledged disinterest in meaningful endeavors got me thinking, "What are we up to?" I am not for a moment saying that I am a steward in environmental protection. I am not but at least I put in every bit I can to make this planet a worth living place and here I am with my e-book - A complete 'Think Green, Act Green' Handbook for earth-friendly people! This e-book is for all those people who want to protect Mother Earth but don't know how to do that.

If you are concerned over the ongoing environmental degradation and want to know how you can contribute towards protecting the planet - this e-course is a 'must-have' for you. Basically, the course attempts to educate the common masses about the green lifestyle and how it can reverse ecological degradation. The book is literally replete with practical suggestions on green living which anybody can implement in his/ her lifestyle.

We believe that the destruction that has been done to the environment over all these years cannot be reversed overnight. You can't expect communities, Governments and industries to transform so quickly. Can you? We are not even expecting some miraculously instant solutions. We however are convinced in the head that small steps can make really BIG differences and this is exactly what our course says. You don't own the whole of this planet, agreed but being a part of this big community it is your earnest obligation to do your bit to save it. Isn't it? So, it's time we realize our obligation towards our bigger 'home' and get into action, NOW!

All of us lead excessively busy lives these days and this makes us wrestle with the idea on how to strike a balance between environmental stewardship and modern life's pressures. In our e-book we have explained how a healthy balance can be struck by following a handful of simple practices. Our e-course is a complete resource on green living and everything you wanted to know about sustainable development. The message has been portrayed in a very clear and understandable language so that there is not even the slightest difficulty in catching the essence of the course. Also, the course follows an empathetic tone so that the readers easily associate themselves with what is being said in therein.

We have cut out our course into ten distinct chapters. Every chapter focuses on a different branch of green living including green shopping, eating, driving, working, communicating...

There must hardly be a person on this planet who is not aware of the current environmental crisis. All of us know about it. The e-course that I present to you will not re-iterate the need to act but it will definitely fill you with a sense of renewed consciousness to understand the gravity of the problem.

We hope that by this e-course, we are successful in generating awareness that Mother Earth needs us and if we refuse to act, we should be ready for the consequences.

Highlights of the course for earth-friendly people

  • How can 'eat - drink - think green' make a difference?
  • How can the policy of 'zero waste, full recycle' help?
  • Eco-friendly fashion for ecological wellbeing
  • The emerging concept of 'Green offices'
  • Green travel and communication for a greener world
  • Adopting green lifestyle and furnishings



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  1. The ecological scenario as mentioned in the last chapter is at a high rate of deterioration. The ecological crisis in the world has risen to the brim! It is high time you woke up from your deep sleep of ignorance and did something about it and worked towards a better, brighter and greener tomorrow. It is only rightly said that there should be a green attitude towards life now.
  2. The world is becoming more and more polluted day by day and this has increased the reason to take care of the surroundings even more. On an extensive level, there should now be the efforts made for the purpose of a greener and cleaner environment. There are many ways in which one can make their bit towards a better environment.
  3. Going green is very much on the cards. In fact most of us have taken a step towards turning everything green. The earth has already suffered a lot.

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